Franklin claims top overall time at Endurofest

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By Jose Corral

Macky Franklin’s overall time of 43 minutes proved to be enough to claim the Los Alamos Endurofest title, despite the race being cut short due to rain last weekend at the Pajarito Mountain Ski Area.
On Saturday, Franklin was propelled to first place after a 5:02.2 ride during stage two. Franklin ended the first day with a 5:21.4 during stage four.
Four more stages were scheduled for Sunday but race organizers decided to only run three stages due to heavy rainfall at Pajarito Mountain.
Franklin gutted out two more strong performances on Sunday by riding a 5:37.5 in stage five and a 5:42.2 in stage six. He concluded the event with a 6:38.4 in stage seven. Franklin garnered the fastest time in all seven stages.
Behind Franklin was Alex Adams with an overall time of 46:05.9. Adams logged in a time of 5:16.9 in stage two and ended Saturday with a 5:32.8 in stage four. Adams finished second in stage five and six.
Daniel Weinman was the overall third place finisher, after finishing with a time of 46:17.1. Weinman finished second in stage two, three and seven.
Krista Rust’s time of 52:23.7 earned her the open women title. Rust placed first in all seven stages. After Rust was Syd Schulz, who finished second and tallied a time of 54:18.7. Schulz placed second in stages one, two, five, six and seven.  
In the amateur men 19-29 category, Corey Wittwer finished first with a 48:12.4. Wittwer placed first in the last six stages. Teddy Jaramillo finished behind Wittwer, after posting a 50:47.0. Jaramillo placed first in stage one. Gon Grosklos placed third in the category.
Tim Trujillo won the amateur men 30-39 category with a time of 51:34.3, while Kenneth Douglas finished second and 18 seconds behind Trujillo.
In the amateur women 30-39 category, Kimberly Klain’s time of 1:15:16 was enough for the category’s top place.
Myles Calvert was the top junior men 12 and under competitor, while Lewis Stavrowsky won the junior men 13-18 category with an impressive 49:10.8. Stavrowsky was the top placer in the first three stages and finished second in the final four stages.
William Farmer finished second and Jesse East placed third in junior men 13-18.
In junior women 12 and under, Hanna Weinman was the top competitor and Hannah Linder won the junior women 13-18 category.
Damien Calvert tallied a 50:32.9 to win the master men 40 and over category. Calvert placed first in stages two, three, six and seven. Eric Breden finished in second and 14 seconds behind Calvert. Breden was the top racer in stages one and five. Chris Sheehan placed third in the category.  
Kristin Pederson won the master women 40 and over with a 1:40:08.4 ride.
Three different competitors have chalked-up the top overall time in the last three Endurofest races.
The Pajarito Mountain Ski Area will prepare for the arrival of its winter season which scheduled to begin Nov. 25.