Fr. John bids Los Alamos farewell

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By Fr. John Anderson


To the faithful readership, I regret to say that this will be the last column in the Los Alamos Monitor. I have been assigned to an Orthodox Church in Texas. 

It has been a joy to be a contributor to this religion column. Thank you to all who have kept up with the column and shared your comments and feedback.

Please know that for those who are interested, I will continue publishing on my blog called “Eden and Nod.” The address is edenandnod.blogspot.com.

Frequently, we have to deal with the grief that comes when a friend or loved one moves away. 

The experience is akin to that which occurs when we a loved one dies. 

Even though we may grieve, as Christians, we know that the departed one is victorious in Christ’s resurrection. 

Since Christ’s resurrection fundamentally transformed death, we have good courage. 

When we are in Christ, separation is not a matter of despair, but can be a matter of selfish upset at not having the object of our affection for a period of time. 

However, when we are in Christ, distance, whether the distance created by death, or in moving, it becomes a “non-issue.” 

If Christ is both intimately present now, and at the same time sitting at his father’s right hand “in heaven,” when we are in Christ the same thing happens with our loved ones. 

Even though they may be at a distance, they are intimately present. Our spiritual bonds in Christ are greater than any material bonds.

This is not to say that it is not wonderful to have our love ones with us. Of course it is. 

However, when we are in Christ, our loved ones are more present with us even in absence than they would be if they were in front of us and without Christ.

All this is to say to my beloved friends of Los Alamos, that even though I may be a state away, I will carry you with me. 

Distance is nothing compared to the unity we share in Christ our God. Please pray for me, and feel free to stay in touch.