Four LAHS students earn top recognition

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Schools: They each receive a $2,500 scholarship

By Whitney Jones

Four Los Alamos High School students received $10,000 in scholarships.


Miriam Barnum, Micha Ben-Naim, Myles Gurule and Horace Zhang were the recipients of $2,500 scholarships each.
Scholarship winners are the finalists in each state judged to have the strongest combination of accomplishments, skills and potential for success in college studies.

A committee of college admissions officers and high school counselors selected finalists.

For consideration, entrants and their high schools submitted students’ academic records, including difficulty level of subjects studied and grades earned; scores from two standardized tests; contributions and leadership in school and community activities; an essay; and a recommendation written by a high school official.

The initial screening began when the students took the Preliminary ACT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Tests. The highest-scoring participants in each state were named as finalists - approximately 16,000 students. And the end of the competition named 8,300 students “Merit Scholars.”

Los Alamos Public Schools Superintendent Gene Schmidt complimented the students for their incredible recognition and commended the high school staff and studentsí families for supporting the students along their journey.

He said the recognition is a culmination of having a good family, good community and great staff in Los Alamos.
Schmidt said 27 sophomores — approximately 10 percent — already made that first step toward possibly becoming future Merit Scholars with their exceptional ACT scores this past fall.

“That tells you that something is going right in your educational system,” he said.

• Miriam M. Barnum
Probable career field: Social science
• Micha Ben-Naim
Probable career field: Chemistry
• Myles A. Gurule
Probable career field: Computer science
• Horace Y. Zhang
Probable career field: Chemical engineering