Former fetus writes to you

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

In your Editorial Feb. 6,  you said,  “There is no way that abortion should be made illegal,” and you said that people should be given the freedom of “choice.”  This means that women should have their “freedom of choice.”  The unborn babies have no “freedom of choice.” 

As the bumper sticker says, “As a former fetus, I oppose abortion.”

Women have said that it is “their body” so that they should have the right to choose what to do with their body.  The reasoning is that the nutrients that make up the baby’s body come from the mother’s body.  So, after the baby is born, if the mother breast-feeds the baby, the nutrients are still coming from the mother. 

According to this reasoning, as long as the baby is receiving all his/her nutrients from the mother, the mother should still have the right to kill the baby, even at one year of age.  Any scientist can tell you that the baby’s body is not the mother’s body.  It has a totally different genetic system.  Do abortionists ever think? 

There is one fundamental concept that abortionists omit when discussing unborn children, and that is time.  If a fetus is allowed to move forward in time, it will have all the characteristics of a living, exciting person.  Suppose a murderer shoots someone.  He thus eliminates that person’s future and all the wonderful things he or she might have accomplished and experienced in the future. 

He is erasing what might have been. 

Suppose he does something equally violent and destroys an unborn baby.  He is erasing that person’s future and all the great adventures that might have been.  If he murders a 60-year-old person, he may be erasing 20 years possible life.  If he murders a fetus, he may be erasing 80 years of exciting life.  So it is much worse to kill a fetus than to kill an adult. 

But it is easier to kill a fetus, because the fetus can’t fight back, and the killer won’t have to go to jail.

It is not a matter of morality.  It is a matter of intelligent logic.  Is your life important to you?  Then other people’s (including fetuses) lives are important to them.  And yet we elect people lacking in “intelligent logic” to lead us.  They want to give more Americans the right to kill other people by the millions. 

Los Alamos