'Forgetting Sarah Marshal' funny, but crude

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By Quninn McCulloch

Peter Bretter, played by Jason Segel, is a successful composer on a hip TV crime show, and is dating one of the shows hottest lead actresses, Sarah Marshal (Kristen Bell). Or at least that’s how things have been going up for the last five years.

Peter has been, as usual, lounging around in his sweat pants, eating a super sized bowl of Fruit Loops, and wasting the day away watching TV, when Sarah stops by for a visit. Unfortunately, Sarah’s visit is not the romp that Peter has anticipated, but rather, Sarah has shown up to dump him. Peter, on the rebound, spends several weeks feeling sorry for himself, and spends his time sleeping with any girl he can get his hands on. Peter’s escapades are short lived, however, as he finds himself missing the intimacy he shared with his TV star girlfriend.

In an attempt to escape the painful memories associated with the recent separation, Peter decides to take a spur of the moment trip to Hawaii. Ironically, Sarah, along with her ridiculous new rock star boyfriend, has decided to make the same trip, to the same island and the same resort where Peter will be staying. This is, of course, chemistry for disaster. The rest of the movie plays out as Peter tries to break free from his former love, and rediscover himself as a new, confident and eligible bachelor. Along the way Peter meets Rachel (Mila Kunis from “That 70s’ Show”) who puts a whole new twist on Peter’s love life.

“Forgetting Sarah Marshal” takes movies about breakups and relationship problems to a whole new level with its original screenplay. From the very beginning, this movie has you reeling with agony over Peter’s personal struggles, and laughing at the ridiculous ways he tries to free himself from the memories of his ex-girlfriend. Over and over again, the screenplay takes you in directions that could never be anticipated, keeping the movie refreshing and making you wonder what could possibly come next.

None the less, I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed in the amount of crass humor used throughout this film. The over-the-top take on Peter’s relationship with his ex and her boyfriend is refreshing and clever, but the screenplay (also written by Jason Segel) relies a bit too much on sexual undertones and shocking visuals. For example, I think they used full-frontal, male nudity over and over again as a crutch to keep the film afloat. In actuality, some of the funnier moments in the movie had absolutely nothing to do with these scenes. The scenes where Peter and Sarah are hashing things out over dinner with their new love interests are especially funny and truly showcase Segal’s talent as a comedic screenwriter.

Oh well. “Forgetting Sarah Marshal” was still kind of fun to watch and got the audience laughing throughout the movie. It’s definitely not a film for everyone, but if you like witty, crude humor and don’t mind seeing the occasional full monty, than this just may be the film for you.

My score: 2.5/5 kernels