Fool us once, shame on you

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By Greg Kendall

Being that the Monitor’s editor Garrison Wells and publisher Keven Todd weren’t here for the Boyer fiasco, it is understandable that they could fall for a developer promising pie-in-the-sky and the Monitor blasts it bold, top line, front page.

Let’s hope that whoever is evaluating these RFP responses for Trinity site is not as gullible this time around. What we learned from the Boyer experience is that developers are willing to say ANYTHING in order to get the land.

The last time we heard from a Boyer representative, he told us we were not a large enough market for a Target, Whole Foods, a large department store or even the lifestyles shopping center Boyer originally promised.

Now comes a new RFP process and we have a repeat performance of a developer promising Whole Food, Target, Dillards ... are you getting deja vu?

This Flint character from Lockhard Development, who claims he can bring Whole Foods, hasn’t even bothered to do any research about our town and previous attempts to develop Trinity or the hard lessons learned.

I love this statement by Flint, “...we’ve not actually done a deal with them (Whole Foods), but this would be a good market for a Whole Foods...”

I heard the laughter across town at that one!

He’s pretty sure they will come, just like Boyer was.  

Hopefully, it’s going to take more than just name dropping desirable, but unattainable stores to win this new RFP.

I’m hoping the Lockhard proposal get’s filed in the round file on top of Boyer’s last proposal.

Let’s be realistic this time. We are a small town at the end of a mountain road.

We can get a great new combined supermarket merchandise store, we can get some sort of shopping plaza with the type of shops/restaurants Los Alamos citizens can use.

We can get a convention center.

If we really had thought this thing through, we could build a University which would really stimulate our economy.

Fool us twice, shame on us.

Greg Kendall

Los Alamos