Flute soloist to perform in LASO concert next week

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Kay Dunn has been playing the flute since she was 11 years old

By Special to the Monitor

A familiar face will be the featured flute soloist in the Los Alamos Symphony’s concert on Oct. 29.  Kay Dunn, formerly Kay Kollman, lived in Los Alamos from 1964-1982 and was active during those years in the local music scene – giving recitals, playing in the Sinfonietta (now Los Alamos Symphony Orchestra) and Light Opera and teaching piano and flute.
She returned to Los Alamos in 2007 and picked up her musical activities again.
Dunn’s musical life began at age four when she began playing violin.
At age 11, in a outburst, she declared, “I’m not going to play violin any more and you can’t make me!”  Little did she know, her mother was listening. Her parents, both musicians, demanded, “Well, what do you want to take its place?” Caught off guard and without thinking, she blurted out, “flute!”
Her father brought home three flutes. When she blew into them, she only got an air sound out of two. The third one produced a squeak and she kept it.
Thus, Dunn’s love of the flute began and has continued throughout her life. She has studied with two teachers, Myron Russell, conductor of the Waterloo Symphony, and Barbara Stubbs of The University of New Mexico.
Dunn will perform “Poem For Flute and Orchestra” by Charles T. Griffes.  
She first performed the composition when she was 20 with the Waterloo Symphony in Iowa and has always loved its dreamy and expressive passages.
She said it is technically difficult and is full of many different styles and tempos.
The concert program will also include works by Mozart, Bizet and Shostakovich. Michael Gyurik is the conductor. The concert will be at
7 p.m.  in the Crossroads Bible Church, 97 East Road.
Tickets cost  $15 for adults; students get in free, and will be sold at the door after 6:30 p.m.