Fleur de Lys gets a new display

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By Tris DeRoma

Fleur de Lys, Los Alamos’ only French Bistro and grocery store got a bit of a facelift recently when the owners decided to extend their counter space for their customers.

“The reason why we wanted to put in a new counter is because we needed to have more space to display some of the items we sell while people wait in line,” co owner Marcel Remillieux said. “…We started with a small counter, because we never anticipated we’d have so many people here.”

To accommodate even further the customers’ line of sight, the bistro’s menus have migrated from the east wall where the kitchen is to the north wall, right behind the new counters.

“Now, they can wait in line and have the menu right behind us, so they can talk to us and look at the menu at the same time. Everything is aligned and in place,” Remillieux said.

The display case for the pastries is bigger, and there’s more room for staff to accommodate customer needs also.

“On the staff side, it gives us all the room we need to package the goods we sell. It’s more functional,” Remillieux said.

Fleur de Lys officially opened up on Jan. 30, 2018. The bistro has become known for its fresh-baked pastries, macarons from Chicago’s Le Petit Sucre Bakery, and fresh, homemade sandwiches.

For more information and see what groceries they have in stock and other goodies, visit fleurdelys-la.com.

They are located at 1460 Trinity Drive.