Fishing Report 09-16-11

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Animas River: The flow is 142 cfs. The river continues to fish fair to good for trout using various bead-headed nymphs, spinners and worms. Better fishing is reported close to the Colorado Border and on the Ute Reservation.
Chama River: Upper section flow is 43 cfs. Below El Vado, the flow is 584 cfs. The upper Chama flowing downstream to the village of Chama and into El Vado reservoir is picking up with the cooler temps and rain. Fishing is reported as fair. The river below El Vado is fishing excellent. All methods are catching fish with limits being taken. The river was stocked last week with 1,140 rainbow trout.
San Juan River: Upper section catch and release flow is 800 cfs. Fishing is good. Use smaller flies especially near the dam as the water is clear. In the mornings, use a red midge larva as your point fly and trail a size f24-26 black or gray midge pupa like a UV flash midge emerger. As the afternoon progresses, change your flies to baetis, such as a gray or chocolate RS2 or foam wing emerger. Small f16-18 ants fished along the banks are also bringing up fish. The lower river was stocked last week with 1,437 rainbow trout.
Abiquiu Lake: Not much has changed at the lake and conditions remain the same. Fishing is slow for all species including walleye with smaller-sized fish being caught. However, one angler did land a 31-inch walleye last week.
El Vado Lake: Trout fishing is reported as slow to fair with better reports from the Chama River inlet and the dam. Fish are being landed with worms, salmon eggs, Power Bait and spinners.
Heron Lake: Salmon fishing has slowed a bit and is reported as fair to good. Some anglers are having better luck than others. Fish are being caught at 25 to 35 feet deep with downriggers and lead-core line. Anglers are having success with double whammies tipped with corn or garlic Power Bait. Trout fishing is reported slow to fair.
Jackson Lake: Trout fishing is reported as fair using Power Bait, salmon eggs and worms form shore. Spinners and black wooly buggers are reported working well on the back side of the lake.
Lake Farmington: Trout fishing is reported as fair to good by the spillway using Power Bait, salmon eggs and worms.
 Best success is reported close to the dam.
Morgan Lake: Fishing is slow for bass with very little traffic at the lake.
Navajo Lake: No report.


Cimarron River: The flow below Eagle Nest Dam is 16 cfs and 16 cfs near Cimarron. The release out of Eagle’s Nest Dam has dropped but is still within a good range to fly fish. The slightly lower flows are making the upper river a little easier to fish. Golden stones, scuds, and baetis nymphs have all been working.
Costilla Creek: The flow is 18 cfs near the town of Costilla and 16 cfs at the dam. Fishing is reported as fair with various bead headed nymphs, stimulators with droppers and dry flies. The release is a bit low. Expect the fish to utilize whatever cover is available which in some cases is right up against the bank or in the deeper holes.
Red River: Flows are 19 cfs near Questa and 45 cfs below the hatchery. Trout are being found on the entire stretch of the river from the upper forks to the confluence with the Rio Grande. All methods are producing fish. One fly choice of note is a crane fly larvae. The river was stocked last week with triploid rainbow trout; above Questa 665 and below Questa with 364.
Rio Grande: Flows are 101 cfs near Cerro and 252 cfs below the Taos Junction Bridge. Low current velocity and warmer water temps have made trout fishing slow. Best fly fishing on the Rio is for smallmouth bass on streamers. Cover the deeper slower runs for the bass. Pike hunt by feel. Large streamers that move water will still get a pike’s attention. Vary your retrieves and change up the color of your flies to see which ones trigger a bite. Trout fishing should get good once the weather cools down a bit this fall.
Rio Hondo: The flow is 13 cfs and fishing is slow due to off-color water.
Rio Pueblo: The flow is 14 cfs. The fishing is slow due to off-color water.
Cabresto Lake: The lake is closed for repairs to the dam.
Charette Lakes: Fishing is slow. Topwater fly fishing is reported as good in the mornings and evenings. Perch are fair using small lures and worms.
Clayton Lake: Trout fishing is reported as fair to good when using Power Bait, worms or spinners. The lake was stocked last week with 3,799 triploid rainbow trout.
Eagle Nest Lake: Fishing for perch is reported as good from shore and better from anchored boats. Trolling is great for trout using lightweight tackle. Trout fishing is good when trolling topwater gear and hit-and-miss from the bank using Power Bait. This weekend is the Fish Fest, Sept. 17-25. Call 575-377-6941 for more info.
Lake Alice and Lake Maloya: Sugarite Canyon State Park has reopened and fishing is good on Lake Maloya for trout. Fish are being landed using Power Bait and salmon eggs from shore. Fly-fishing is reported as good in the early mornings and late evenings. Lake Alice has been effected by runoff from the fire and no fishing is reported there.
Maxwell Lakes: The water level is very low at Lake No.13 and fishing is slow.
Shuree Ponds: The water level on the upper pond is reported to be 50 percent down. This is making float tubing difficult and fishing is reported as fair overall. All methods are catching fish.
Springer Lakes: Fishing is reported as slow. Water levels are dropping due to irrigation so water levels are low.


Jemez River, East Fork, Guadalupe and San Antonio: Flow on the Jemez River is 26 cfs. Low water and ash washing into the river from the fire are plaguing the streams of the Jemez. The only really water worth fishing is the Cebolla or the Rio de las Vacas/Guadalupe watershed. Ash runoff from the Las Conchas fire has killed quite a lot of fish on the East Fork and Rio San Antonio, and the streambed is covered in it. This side of the Jemez has not been stocked since the fire started.
Metro Drainages: Stocking has ended for the season and trout fishing is reported as slow.
Bluewater Lake: No report on trout. The tiger muskies are fishing good. The fish reported were caught on rattletraps while trolling and jerk baits from shore. Lots of bad weather last week slowed fishing down.
Cochiti Lake: The lake is open again with a few fishermen trying their luck. Reports are slow for all species with no reports of anything landed. More than 100 tons of debris was removed from the lake and there is plenty more on the shore. Water clarity is also a problem with the ash from the fire being swept into the lake by runoff from rain.
Fenton Lake: Fishing for trout is reported as fair to good with worms and Power Bait.
Tingley Beach: Catfishing in the Children’s and Central Ponds has been fair. Best reports from anglers using worms and hotdogs. No reports on largemouth bass. No reports from anglers at the south catch and release pond.


Coyote Creek: The flow is 1.4 cfs. Fishing is fair for trout.
Pecos River: The flow is 66 cfs. The river is fishing well and the water is clear even though there has been some rainfall somewhere over the Pecos watershed ever yday. If you see murky water down low, consider driving upriver to find clearer water. Use small flies during clear water and switch to a bigger more flashy fly if the water is murky. Caddis, yellow sallies, hoppers, ants, and beetles have been the best producers dry fly wise. Nymphing with a dry dropper rig can end your slump if they aren’t coming up on your dry fly. Try flashback pheasant tails or a nitro caddis.
Conchas Lake: Fishing at is reported as slow with very few fishermen out and very few fish being caught. North Dock reports that white bass when trolling topwater and plastics are your best bet. No report on other species.
Morphy Lake: No fishing report this week.
Santa Rosa Lake: Water levels are low and launching boats is down to one at a time. Please use caution and common sense. The smallmouth bass fishing has been slow. Catfish have been fair using cut bait and stink bait. No report on other species.
Storrie Lake: Fishing is slow for trout using Power Bait, cheese balls and worms.
Sumner Lake: Fishing is slow for all species; no good reports as of late. Below the dam, no reports. The water level is very low.
Ute Lake: Water temp has dropped 10 degree in the past week. The main lake is clear and the river arms are lightly stained. With the cooler water fishing should start to pick up. Walleye are reported as slow using deep divers in 16-20 feet of water over submerged trees. White bass are reported as fair to good when using topwater gear. Catfish are still fishing good with stink bait and liver in shallow water.


Gila River: The flow is 44 cfs and fishing is fair to slow with the best success in the upper reaches of the river on the West, East and Middle forks.
Rio Grande: The flow is 16 cfs below Elephant Butte Dam. Catfish are fair using worms, liver or stink bait. Walleye are reported as good here and better below Caballo Lake with worms and shiners.
Bill Evans Lake: Winter stocking for trout has ended for the year and will resume late next fall. No fishing report.
Caballo Lake: Fishing is slow. Water levels are very low. Best bet is below spillway on the Rio Grande.
Elephant Butte Lake: Fishing remains pretty much the same for the last few weeks. White bass are fishing good to excellent with shiners and spinners. Stripped bass are reported slow to fair by the dam with a few fish being landed. Crappie are fishing good to excellent with most methods working.
Glenwood Ponds: Fishing is fair for trout when using Pistol Petes, worms and Power Bait. The ponds were stocked last week with 272 triploid rainbow trout.
Lake Roberts: Fishing is reported as good for catfish with liver and worms. Trout fishing is reported as slow. No report on other species. The river was stocked last week with 1,544 triploid rainbow trout.
Quemado Lake: Trout fishing is reported as fair. Anglers are having success using green Power Bait.
Snow Lake: No report.


Rio Ruidoso: Flow is 0.52 cfs. Fishing is reported as slow. The river was stocked last week with 626 triploid rainbow trout. Best bet is to fish the deeper holes were fish will be holding in the low water conditions.
Bonito Lake: Trout fishing is reported as good to fair in the mornings and evenings. Green and yellow Power Bait, spinners and black woolly boogers our reported working well.
Bottomless Lakes: No report; stocking will resume in late fall.
Brantley Reservoir: There has been light pressure and no current report. A mandatory catch and release is in place at Brantley Lake because pesticides have been found in the fish. Do not keep or eat them.
Grindstone Reservoir: Fishing is reported as fair to good with better fishing reported in the mornings and evenings for trout using worms, Power Bait and Pistol Petes. The lake was stocked last week with 5,153 triploid rainbow trout.