Fishing report 06-03-11

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Animas River: The flow is 2,930 cfs. Fishing is reported as fair for brown and rainbow trout. Recent rains and snowmelt will affect water clarity. Fly anglers are having good success with bead-headed pheasant tails, prince nymphs and copper john’s sizes 14-16. Worms, salmon eggs and Panther Martins are also working.
Chama River: Upper section flow is 1,470 cfs. The river below El Vado, flows at 995 cfs. The upper Chama including the stretch flowing into El Vado is blown out. Flows are near normal and the river is in runoff. The river below El Vado is wadeable still, but do take caution as it’s hard to see the bottom. A staff is good insurance here. Focus on the tailouts and hit the obvious seams. Crane fly larva and egg patterns and a trailing flashy baetis were reported to be the hot flies. Also worms and Panther Martins are taking fish. The stretch below Abiquiu is fishing tough. High dam release has made wading tough.
San Juan River: Upper section catch and release flow is 510 cfs. Good midge hatches continue to come off late mornings and some decent baetis hatches follow it up till about 3 p.m. Olive and grey bodied midge larvae and pupa are still working. Try the usual, chocolate foam wings in No. 22, chocolate Johnny flash, wonder baetis, and small pheasant tails to mimic your baetis. Fish start keying back in on midges once the baetis are done from then until dusk. The Bureau of Reclamation has finalized this year’s scheduled spring peak release from Navajo Reservoir. Reclamation will begin to increase the release on Monday, June 6, at 1 a.m., reaching 5,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) on Thursday, June 9 at approximately 3 p.m. The release will stay at 5,000 cfs for seven days. On June 15 at approximately 7 a.m., the release will begin to decrease, reaching 500 cfs on Friday, June 17 at approximately 10 p.m., where it will remain until further notice. Lower section open waters, fishing is good with nightcrawlers, salmon eggs and the same flies as for the upper section.
Abiquiu Lake: Fishing is slow with a few small walleye and bass being landed using jigs with minnows. Reports are of very little traffic and few boats.
El Vado Lake: Fishing is reported as fair for brown trout in the Chama arm of the lake. Some fish have been caught using Pistol Petes and Panther Martins. The wind has kept most anglers off the main body of the lake.
Heron Lake: Fishing has picked up with large trout up to 20-plus inches on the northwest side of the lake. Anglers are having the best success using Power Bait, worms and salmon eggs. Lake trout are being caught from shore with Panther Martins. Salmon fishing is good to excellent when trolling kokanee killers and wedding rings in 10 to 15 feet of water.
Jackson Lake: Fishing is good for trout. Anglers are having success using Power Bait and any spinner with gold blades.
Lake Farmington: Trout fishing is reported as good for trout using Power Bait, salmon eggs and worms.
Morgan Lake: Bass fishing is reported as slow.
Navajo Lake: Bass fishing is reported good. Anglers are having success using Strike King plastics. Crappie are reported as good back in the coves where warmer water can be found. Best bet is to use jigs, minnows and Gulp baits.


Cimarron River: Flows below Eagle Nest Dam are 43 cfs and 42 cfs near Cimarron. Good steady flows out of the dam have made for good consistent fishing. The flows are a little high, making for tougher fishing in the upper reaches around Tolby Campground. There is a little more room the farther downstream you go. Dark midges and baetis nymphs like tungsten WD40s, black psycho Mays, chocolate Johnny flashes, and black zebra midges on a nymph rig or dry dropper would be good choices.
Costilla Creek: The flow is 82 cfs near the town of Costilla and 68 cfs at the dam. Fishing is reported as good when weather and water warms up. Try using dry / dropper rigs, big attractors followed by bead-headed nymphs.
Red River: Flows at Questa are 59 cfs and 106 cfs below the hatchery. Fishing is fair for rainbows below the hatchery with bead-head nymphs and various flies. Flows are a bit high but should be coming down as runoff subsides. Bait fishermen might try spinners, salmon eggs or Power Bait. Upper river is starting to turn on using the same methods but fishing is a bit slower. The river above Questa was stocked with 2,032 triploid rainbow trout, the West Fork with 211 and the East Fork with 280.
Rio Grande: Flows are 382 cfs near Cerro and 464 cfs below the Taos Junction Bridge. Water levels are on the rise and water clarity is muddy.Fishing is slow and will remain so until runoff ends.
Rio Hondo: Flows are at 67 cfs. Lower section at confluence with Rio Grande is best. Trout are slow to fair with various flies, spinners and worms.
Rio Pueblo: Flows are at 55 cfs and there is no report this week. The river was stocked with 839 triploid rainbow trout last week.
Cabresto Lake: No report
Charette Lakes: Fishing is reported as fair with some trout being landed in the range of 9 to 20 inches. Power Bait is the choice from the bank and when trolling use small perch baits in green and orange.
Clayton Lake: Fishing for trout is reported as good with limits being taken on Power Bait and worms. Fish are averaging 10 inches with some up to 15. Anglers are having success with Power Bait and yellow bladed Panther Martins.
Eagle Nest Lake: Boat ramps are open and the docks are in. Fishing for trout and perch is reported as good form shore using Power Bait and salmon eggs for the trout and worms for the perch. Trolling is fair to good for trout and salmon using Panther Martins and Platt River specials tipped with Power Bait.
Lake Alice and Lake Maloya: Fishing is reported as good on both lakes using corn and worms for stocker-sized trout. Lake Alice was stocked with 349 triploid rainbow trout last week and Lake Maloya with 2,100.
Maxwell Lakes: Lake No. 13 is reported as off and on with an occasional trout landed. Some fish are up to 24 inches long. Best success is reported using Power Bait, worms and spinners. Water levels are dropping due to irrigation so conditions are changing daily.
Santa Cruz Lake: No report.
Shuree Ponds: Reopens July 1.
Springer Lakes: Fishing is reported as slow to fair for small pike up to 22 inches on cranks and rattle traps. Water levels are dropping due to irrigation so conditions are changing daily.


Jemez River, East Fork, Guadalupe and San Antonio: Flow on the Jemez River is 42 cfs. Runoff is pretty much done over the Jemez as a whole. The Rio de las Vacas/Guadalupe drainage still has a little murk to the water, but is at a wadeable level and fishing is good. A few reports of hatching stoneflies on the lower Guadalupe and Jemez River, but it looks like the hatch isn’t in full swing. A dry fly dropper rig with No. 16-18 deep six caddis or a No. 18 psycho may in olive should pick up most of them. Stonefly nymphs on the lower Jemez and Guadalupe will also work. Some of the gullible fish are taking small dries like a parachute pheasant tail or Adams. Good reports on the East Fork and San Antonio up from Highway 126. The Jemez River was stocked with 521 triploid rainbow trout last week. The San Antonio was stocked with 751 triploid rainbow trout last week. The Rio de las Vacas was stocked last week with 700 triploid rainbow trout.
Metro Drainages: Trout fishing is reported as slow for trout on all methods.
Bluewater Lake: Fishing is reported as slow for trout when using Power Bait from shore. The tiger muskies are fishing fair to good. Also catfish are reported as good when using stink bait and chicken livers.
Cochiti Lake: Water temps are in the low 60s. The east day use area is open. Fishing is reported as good for bass when using spinners and crank baits. Catfish are fishing fair using chicken liver and worms. Crappie are also fishing fair around root balls of juniper when using jigs.
Fenton Lake: No changes here fishing continues to be good. The lake is fishing good for trout using Power Bait and salmon eggs. The Cebolla River above the lake is fishing good for trout. Many anglers catching fish with most methods working. The lake was stocked with 424 rainbow trout last week and another 1,539 two weeks ago.
Tingley Beach: Trout fishing in the Tingley Beach children’s and central ponds has been fair. Winter trout stocking at Tingley has ended and we are looking forward to catfish stockings in time for the summer holidays. The central pond was stocked with 938 channel catfish last week. There are nice bass in the children’s ponds waiting for a young angler to catch them. Fair reports from fly-rod anglers at the catch and release pond using bunny leeches and egg patterns.


Coyote Creek: Flow is 0.48 cfs. Fishing is reported as good when using Power Bait, salmon eggs and worms. The creek was stocked with 560 triploid rainbow trout and another 560 last week.
Pecos River: Flows near Pecos is 82 cfs. Stoneflies! They’re out just above town and are around Dalton. The fish still want the nymph over the dry fly but that could change as the hatch progresses. The water levels are low and the fishing is good. Small to medium stonefly nymphs, small pheasant tails, baetis nymphs, caddis nymphs, and zebra midges are some of the fly choices. The Pecos River was stocked from Cowles to the Village of Pecos with 1,820 rainbow trout two weeks ago and another 350 last week. The Mora river was also stocked with 153 rainbow trout two weeks ago.
Conchas Lake: Fishing is reported as fair for large mouth bass with top water rigs. Walleye are fishing good when trolling in 10-15 feet of water using jigs tipped with worms. No report on other species.
Morphy Lake: Fishing is reported as slow to fair due to low water levels. Boat ramp is closed with the water levels 10 or more feet below the ramp.
Santa Rosa Lake: Conditions remain the same, lake levels and winds have been challenging. Walleye are fishing good in 6 - 12 feet of water and crappie are biting. The crappie being caught are of good size. Fish are being caught using jigs and jigs with minnows. Smallmouth bass have also started to bite and are being caught when using tube jigs. Catfish are reported as fair and are being caught with cut bait, stink bait and chicken livers.
Storrie Lake: Fishing is reported as fair to good for trout using fireballs, corn and cheese. The lake was stocked with 2,101 triploid rainbow trout last week and another 2,122 two weeks ago.
Sumner Lake: Fishing in the lake is slow to fair from the bank. Anglers are catching some walleye, white bass, and largemouth bass using assorted lures and minnows. The lake is temporarily closed to boating. For more information on boating, please call the park office, 575-355-2541. Fishing below the dam is fair for channel catfish using worms and chicken livers.
Ute Lake: Water temperature is 62 degrees. The main lake is lightly stained; river arms heavily stained. Walleye are fishing good on minnows in 10-30 feet of water. Fishing around Watson Island and trolling in the middle of the channel is the best bet. Smallmouth bass are fishing good using plastics in 5-10 feet of water near the shoreline. Nightcrawlers and minnows are also working. Largemouth bass are fishing fair. They are wanting to get on their beds one day, then off of them the next. A couple more days of warmer days and they should start on a good bite. Crappie are fishing good to excellent. Limits are being taken from the upper Canadian, using a small white jigs, but minnows will also work in 2-4 feet of water near underwater boulders. Channel catfish are fishing excellent on chicken liver, stink baits, nightcrawlers and dead minnows. Fish up the Canadian past the Ranch house in 2-4 feet of water.


Gila River: The flow is 34 cfs and no report on the fishing conditions for the West, East and Middle forks. The Cliff Dwelling Campgrounds have reopened. The Miller Fire is reported as 80 percent contained at the time of this report. Please refer to the National Forest Service website for trail closures before visiting the area.
Rio Grande: The flow is 699 cfs below Elephant Butte Dam. Fishing is fair to good for walleye with shiners below both Elephant Butte and Caballo Lakes.
Caballo Lake: Fishing is fair. Water levels are coming up but still low. Anglers having success are fishing the deeper holes. Some white bass are being landed when using plastics and crank baits. Crappie and walleye are reported as good when using jigs tipped with worms or minnows. No report on other species.
Elephant Butte Lake: No report this week.
Glenwood Ponds: Fishing is good for trout when using spinners, Power Bait and worms. The ponds were stocked with 218 triploid rainbow trout last week.
Lake Roberts: Fishing is reported as good, a 6 pound bass has landed along with many other large fish using plugs. Trout are also good when using Power Bait, salmon eggs and worms. Saturday there will be a free fishing derby. Call 575-536-9929 for information.
Quemado Lake – Trout fishing is reported as good for 18 -19 inch trout. Anglers are having success using Power Bait, worms and spinners. The tiger muskies are reported as fair when using rooster tails and Z-rays. A 6-year-old girl using a Barbie fishing rod and 6-pound test line caught a trout that was then eaten by 40 inch muskie. She landed both without the use of a steel leader.
Snow Lake: No report.


NOTE: The U.S. Forest Service has closed the Lincoln National Forest due to extreme fire conditions.

Black River: Flow is 2.7 cfs. Fishing is reported as slow for trout using worms, salmon eggs and Power Bait.
Bonito Creek: Closed.
Rio Ruidoso: Flow is 1.1 cfs. Water levels are very low and fishing is reported as slow. The only fishing available is through town due to forest closure. The river was stocked last week with 875 triploid rainbow trout.
Bonito Lake: Closed.
Bottomless Lakes: No report.
Brantley Reservoir: There has been light pressure and no current report. A mandatory catch and release is in place at Brantley Lake because pesticides have been found in the fish. Do not keep or eat them.
Grindstone Reservoir: Fishing is reported as good for trout using spinners, marshmallows, worms, Power Bait and salmon eggs.
Lake Van: No report. The lake was stocked with 588 channel catfish last week.