Fishing report 05-27-11

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Animas River: The flow is 738 cfs. Fishing is reported as fair for brown and rainbow trout. Recent rains and snow melt will affect water clarity. Fly anglers are having good success with bead-headed pheasant tails, prince nymphs and copper john’s all size 14-16. Worms, salmon eggs and Panther Martins are also working. The river was stocked with 175 triploid rainbow trout two weeks ago.
Chama River: Upper section flow is 1,120 cfs. The upper Chama including the stretch flowing into El Vado is in full spring runoff. Flows are near normal and the river is full. The river below El Vado is wadeable with flows at 612 cfs, but do take caution as it’s hard to see the bottom. A staff is good insurance here. Focus on the tailouts and hit the obvious seams. Crane fly larva and egg patterns and a trailing flashy baetis were reported to be the hot flies. The stretch below Abiquiu is fishing tough. High dam release has made wading tough. If you can find a run or some pockets, run a crane fly or golden stone nymph with a midge dropper.
San Juan River: Upper section catch and release flow is 516 cfs. Good midge hatches continue to come off late mornings and some decent baetis hatches follow it up till about 3 p.m. Olive and grey bodied midge larvae and pupa are still working. Try the usual, chocolate foam wings in No. 22, chocolate Johnny flash, wonder baetis, and small pheasant tails to mimic your baetis. Fish start keying back in on midges once the baetis are done from then until dusk. The high spring peak release for the San Juan is scheduled to begin May 23. The release should be around 500-650 cfs until then. The projected increase will start at 1,000 cfs a day up to 5,000 cfs on May 27. The river flow will remain at 5,000 cfs until June 2 and will drop to 500 cfs by June 7. Lower section open waters fishing is good with night crawlers, salmon eggs and the same flies as for the upper section. The river below the quality waters was stocked with 6,300 triploid rainbow trout last week.
Abiquiu Lake: Fishing is slow with a few brown trout being landed. No report on what is working.
El Vado Lake: Fishing is reported as fair with very little pressure for brown trout on both sides of the dam. Some fish have been caught using pistol Petes and Panther Martins.
Heron Lake: Shore fishing for trout is slow to fair due to low water levels. The lake is down about 35 feet from last year. Anglers are having the best success by the boat ramps and next to the dam using Power Bait, worms and salmon eggs.
Jackson Lake: Fishing is good for trout. Anglers are having success using Power Bait andspinners with gold blades. The lake was stocked with 1,401 rainbow trout.