Fishing report 02-11-11

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Animas River: The flow is 240 cfs. Fishing is reported as slow with little pressure. Best bet is through town at city park using worms and spinners.
Chama River: Upper section flow no read due to ice, no report on the fishing there. Below El Vado Dam, the flow is 40 cfs and the water is low and a little off color. Not much change here either. The release out of El Vado has been reduced, still use big nymphs with flash and sparkle, but over the tail outs of pools thoroughly and hit the obvious seams. Crane fly larva and egg patterns were reported to be the hot flies. The stretch below Abiquiu is fishing well. It’s all about black midge larvae and pupa, and baetis nymphs here.
San Juan River: Upper section catch and release flow is 504 cfs. No change reported except the fishing has improved a bit. The midge hatch has been epic all day long with large clusters from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The best fishing will be with midge pupa and larvae, size 22 and 24, clusters are working well. You can find fish eating midges of all colors, dark midges have been best, black, brown, dark gray and olive. Some fish have been eating cream as well. Try fishing BWOs from 11 a.m. to about 3 p.m. Dark brown and olive been the best colors in a size 22 and 24. Back to midges in the evenings. Black and brown have been killing it. Colored larvae will catch fish all day long, red, orange, white, black, pink, apricot. Bunny leaches are great attractors. Brown, Black, purple, and white.
Lower section open waters fishing is good with night crawlers, salmon eggs and the same flies as for the upper section.
Abiquiu Lake: Fishing is very slow. The Army Corps of Engineers have switched over to winter staffing and all but a few primitive sites are closed for the season. There was very little pressure and fishing is reported as very slow.
El Vado Lake: No report due to weather and light pressure. The lake is mostly iced over but very thin and unstable at this time.
Heron Lake: The lake is iced over in most parts with some open water near boat ramps and the dam. Anglers are still catching trout with roe sacks and Power Bait. A few lake trout in the 5 -7 pound range were also caught using roe sacs.
Jackson Lake: The lake is iced over but Ice is receding with warmer weather. Still not a lot of traffic and no report.
Lake Farmington: Trout fishing is reported as good using spinners like Blue Fox with rainbow holograms.
Morgan Lake: Bass fishing has picked up and is reported as fair to good. Success has been reported with black jigs and black Finesse worms.
Navajo Lake: The pick have started to bite and reports of fish being taken close to the surface using top water lures and Rapala DT yellow perch jerk baits down to 8 feet. Fish are averaging 30 inches. No report on other species.