Fireworks show is bad choice

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When I read Friday that plans were going ahead for a July 4 Fireworks display at Overlook Park, I had to double check — had I picked up The Onion by mistake?
Sunday’s editorial in the Los Alamos Monitor presented a similar reaction, in which the author expressed the feeling of being in a “Twilight Zone” episode. And I concur with the questions asked how the conclusions drawn.
C’mon, folks, we’re experiencing a record-breaking drought, we’re surrounded by wildfires, and unless the monsoons arrive quickly, “mission improbable: a fireworks show in a tinder box with a guarantee of ‘ultimate safety’” could quickly become “mission in flames.”
I respect that the highly competent members of the Los Alamos Fire Department will do their utmost to prevent a fire being started by the fireworks, but I’d prefer that they be available to respond to other fire calls (and fervently hope that there are none). I also understand that that the Kiwanis Club will use the proceeds from the fireworks to fund its many community service projects, and that community members enjoy and look forward to the traditional display.
So I have a suggestion that will preserve this mission, allow the community to enjoy fireworks, and reduce the risk of fire. It just requires a tweak of tradition.
I suggest that the Kiwanis move their fireworks display to Labor Day, near the end of the monsoon season, when wildfire risk is likely to be considerably lower, and that this be the start of a new tradition of safety for Los Alamos. It also sends a message to community members that Los Alamos takes fire risks seriously, including risks from (illegal) backyard fireworks.
Thank you for considering this suggestion.
Carol S. Furchner
Los Alamos