Firefighters rescue woman in Pajarito Canyon

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Woman falls off horse and sustains injuries

A 69-year-old woman broke her hip after falling off a horse on a rugged trail in Potrillo Canyon in White Rock Monday afternoon. She was about halfway down to the Rio Grande River when the accident occurred, said Fire Marshal Michael Thompson.

The woman’s injuries were such that Los Alamos firefighters were needed to transport her from the location of the accident on a wheeled stretcher over rough terrain to one of LAFD’s off-road vehicles.

Erika Gorman is a friend of the injured woman whom she said did not wish to be identified.

“I saw her this morning at the Española Hospital,” Gorman said. “She said that something spooked her horse but that she didn’t see what it was. She broke her hip and is having surgery today.”

Gorman also mentioned that her friend was riding with another person who rode out of the canyon and called 911.

“Medic crews arrived with IVs and pain medication so she wasn’t in pain very long,” Gorman said.

Thompson explained that these types of rescues take a coordinated effort and with the many off road activities that the community engages in, LAFD receives plenty of practice for these types of rescues.