Firefighter charged with voyeurism

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Hidden camera discovered in paper towel rack

By Carol A. Clark

A Los Alamos fire captain allegedly videotaped a female firefighter in the shower area of Station 3 in White Rock last Sunday. Police issued Capt. Aaron Adair, 36, a summons to appear in Magistrate Court to face charges of voyeurism, a misdemeanor and tampering with evidence, a petty misdemeanor. Adair has worked for LAFD for 11 years.

“He has been placed on paid administrative leave while criminal and administrative investigations are underway,” Chief Doug Tucker said.

The criminal complaint filed against Adair in Magistrate Court states that he used a small black video camera, “to videotape the intimate areas of another person without the knowledge or consent of that person.”

In this case, Adair allegedly videotaped the 28-year-old woman in the shower area of the station’s co-ed bathroom facility. The tampering with evidence charge stems from his alleged destruction of the camera’s Secure Digital (SD) card.

The alleged victim discovered the camera inside the bathroom’s paper towel dispenser, according to the statement of probable cause. She told police the dispenser became difficult to operate on the previous afternoon so early Sunday morning she opened its cover to determine if the batteries needed replacement. That is when she discovered the device wedged between the side of the dispenser and the paper towel roll. The bathroom is one of seven located along the bunk area hallway of the station.

The alleged victim reported finding the camera, which is equipped with a USB port which can be used for downloading and subsquent computer viewing.

The police arrived at 7:49 a.m. and examined the remaining bathrooms as well as the alleged victim’s bunk area for hidden electronic devices. They did not find any additional devices, according to the report.
Four male firefighters were on duty at the station Sunday morning including Adair and his brother Jerry Adair. According to the report, after fire personnel left the computer room at the station, Adair approached the alleged victim who was holding the camera.

“Aaron appeared very nervous and was shaking,” she stated in the report. He admitted placing the camera in the dispenser and told her he was very sorry. He “begged” her not to pursue the situation because his career would be jeopardized.

According to the report, Adair asked her for the camera, removed the chip and gave her back the camera, saying that he would destroy the card.

The alleged victim told police that she received a telephone call from Adair later in the day, during which he told her that if questioned, he would deny any knowledge of the camera.

The camera was pointing in a direction where it would be assumed that anyone in the bathroom, especially in the area of the toilet and shower, would be in clear view, according to the police report.

Cpl. Paige Early questioned the alleged victim about the likelihood of her being on video on the SD card. She said that she showered that morning so it was likely she would be nude on any video the camera might have captured.

Early and Sgt. Preston Ballew drove to Adair’s Los Alamos home where they found him in his front yard. Ballew asked him for the SD card. Adair denied any knowledge of the card. Early read Adair his Miranda rights and the officers had him go to the police station for questioning. He continued to deny knowledge of the camera or card for 2-2.5 hours.

In an unusual twist, Adair’s brother, Jerry, arrived at the police station insisting that while the camera belonged to his brother, it was he who placed the camera in the dispenser. It later came out that Jerry felt he didn’t have nearly as much to lose as his brother who has a wife and five daughters, according to the police.

Once Adair heard that his brother was confessing, he admitted that he had placed the camera in the paper towel dispenser the night before it was discovered, “in an effort catch (the alleged victim) on video.” Adair also told police that he destroyed the SD card.

He said he placed the SD card inside an orange squash he had at his home, according the statement of probable cause. He then drove to Rendija Canyon to the shooting range area and pitched the squash out the window of his vehicle. Ballew drove Adair to that area to retrieve the card. The shattered squash was located but not the card. Adair admitted that he had “crumbled” the card and placed just two pieces inside the squash. He tossed the remaining two pieces out of his vehicle window somewhere along the roadway.

Adair granted police permission to enter his home and retrieve his computer and laptop to determine if either contained inappropriate videos. They did not and were later returned to Adair.

Deputy Fire Chief Patrick Sleik informed police that all 15 computers at Fire Station 3 were seized and would be reviewed by county IT professionals the following morning.

“They made images of the hard drives that will be entered into evidence and are still in the process of reviewing the computers for possible administrative violations,” Deputy Police Chief Kevin Purtymun said.

If convicted, Adair faces up to a $500 fine and 364 days in jail on the misdemeanor charge and up to a $250 fine and six months in jail on the petty misdemeanor charge.

His court date was 2 days

His court date was 2 days ago... any word on what happened? I have not seen a new story in the monitor covering the trial.


What happened to the investigation? Quite frankly all of the other incidents have no play in the current investigation other than building character of the aggressors in this case. That will be left up to the victims lawyer, not this newspaper and public opinion, to build or destroy the character of the accused. I understand that there are people that hate these guys, but your hate is not objective in the current case only subjective. Only after a complete investigation can you know what exactly went on. Let the investigation show what it is going to show. Then after it is complete persecute the charges that are applicable. The local newspaper is not a court of law, just a court of public opinion. There will be people who hate these guys, there will also be people who will defend them to deaths door. Each side must accept that; mud slinging the victim (which is not happening, thank God), and mud slinging the aggressors is not accomplishing anything. When you go into that court room with nothing more than "I hate you because you did me dirty x amount of years ago" does not convict anyone. So basically if you are not going to be objective, and wait for the investigation your rant is nothing more than a hateful rant.

"Where every cop is a

"Where every cop is a criminal, And all the sinners are saints."

Thanks Herb

If this forum has turned into a venue where people can vent about the Adair brothers and Jeff it must be obvious that genuine problems exist with these three. Many who have suffered beneath their tiny reign of terror have waited patiently for one of them to screw up to the extent that the community would have to take notice. The Laboratory should make inquiry into why such inappropriate people maintain Q clearances. Jeff was promoted to Captain while under a restraining order obtained by his former wife. Perhaps the clearance department at the Lab would like to read about why this order was issued against this abusive man from Chicago? Those within the upper hierarchy of the Fire Department, who have been protecting and promoting Jerry and Jeff need to be pulled off
their little thrones and tossed out.

We all need to pay attention to what is happening in many communities across the United States with the perverse and inappropriate men who sneak beneath the radar and are hired into the position of First Responder. Please take note of the Firefighter who released the video of a dead 23 year old woman to first his buddies and then to Youtube. He used his cell phone to film her mangled body. Besides being made available to millions the video was sent to Mr. Kempson, the woman’s father. This too, is a misdemeanor.

What happens to small communities where brutality and tyrannical enclaves of power are allowed to thrive? Where the achievements of genuine First Responders are ignored in favor of the corrupt? The hatred toward the female sex inherent in the actions of the protectors and the protected is devastating.

"All is in a man's hands and

"All is in a man's hands and he lets it all slip from cowardice, that's an axiom. It would be interesting to know what it is men are most afraid of. Taking a new step, uttering a new word is what they fear most. " I urge all to take a lead towards virtue, even if our social institutions do not.

Some Thoughts

The purpose of the monitor is to serve as a platform to facilitate the exchange of news of the Los Alamos community. Whether or not this is in regards to the column at hand is irrelevant. If you don't want to hear about other topics, then don't read them, that simple. That being said, I do send my condolences to the victim. It does seem what has transgressed against her is being somewhat lost in all of this. (On a side note, there is a reason the victims name is not listed. Whoever it was who alleged the name, have some decency!) I also send my props to her. Standing up to a superior takes a lot of courage and I have the utmost respect for her for doing so.

Everyone is tossing around the phrase "personal vendetta" with it's typical negative connotations. In reality, a personal vendetta is neither good nor bad. Can anyone blame Mr. Parson (no s at the end) for holding a grudge after what happened to him? I urge all to see the picture of the brutality he suffered at the facebook page, "Los Alamos Fire Dept. Los Alamos Police Dept. Collusion Awareness" (I also find it funny that alwayslaconcerned preaches to maintain topicality, but manages to get his/her two cents in about other tangents. In addition, maintains anonymity while preaching not cast stones, and then casts plenty of his/her own.)

The LAFD is full of many great men/women who deserve the title hero. However, just because you sign up as a fireman, doesn't administer the title of hero to an individual. A person must earn it through deeds and as one individual correctly pointed out, good deeds don't parcel out a freedom to commit crimes. I also must have missed the part where peeping tom and pervert fit into the definition of hero. If you are considering any of these individuals at hand heroes, i question your sanity.

If the Monitor is accurate in it's story, it is also very clear that Mr. Adiar's brother is guilty of obstruction of justice. Have these charges been brought forth? Had someone admitted to murder via the media, would the public not be outraged if this person was not sought after by the agencies of justice? Way to drop the ball on that one LAPD. It is clear that Jerry is willing to sacrifice his morals for his family. Commendable? Maybe. However, I would love to get LANL's opinion on this behavior when it comes to shelling out it's Q clearances. (I love the fact that despite LANL's rigorous standards for clearances, all of these individuals have earned Q clearances.) I hate to be so incredulous, but can I really believe that Arron's Q clearances is gone? Not only does history bestow no confidence in me, but judging from history, not only are the clearances in no jeopardy, but Tucker will be handing out promotions to the Adair's and the victim will, as Mr. Parson eloquently put it, "catch a charge".

I implore LAPD, LAFD, and LANL to get their acts together before these individuals disgrace and embarrass these institutions further.


Tylerr jones was the best FF in LA, As i Believe he works for SFFD. God Bless That man and all he has done for the LA Community.

Tyler Jones

You have to be kidding me "the best firefighter in LA". For one he was the laziest FF, who got fired for DWI and possesion of switch blades. He does work for SFFD, and they agree he is a lazy POS. Oh yeah by the way, Jeff Wettland also beat him up as well. That is probably the reason he is sticking up for him, in fear of getting his butt kicked again.


The only negative things I've heard about Jones so far is how he doesn't stop working. Ya picked the one rookie who takes part in every charity we have and works non-stop. By trying to discredit him you really are discrediting yourself to anyone who knows him. I don't know these others but you shouldn't bad mouth a good guy for sticking up for his friends, especially anonymously and to the public.

Let's Stay On Subject

While I am all for freedom of speech, this is getting ridiculous!!! It has turned into a rumor mill! I think the Monitor should delete all comments that do not pertain to the actual story itself. Take personal vendettas elsewhere.


So that then confirms that parson has actually payed for his crimes?

Lest We Forget?

Lest we forget that there is a real victim in this case; that is the woman who was apparently peeped on. Those of you reading all of the comments however, may think that the victim in this story is Mr. E Parson. He is not. He has a personal vendetta against three individuals, whom he names over and over. He is in the habit of using this comments section of the newspaper to make himself feel better about past transgressions. It is sad that even though he no longer lives in Los Alamos, and claims to hate it, he has so little to do in this life that he can spend endless hours posting garbage; with the only purpose of making himself look better. NMcourts.gov is public record, and it appears that he has a laundry list of offenses himself, battery, theft, driving on a suspended license, buying alcohol for minors, negligent use of a deadly weapon, aggravated DWI, etc. This is all PUBLIC RECORD. Also not mentioned, Mr. Parson was given his day in court for getting beat up by one of three mentioned, but he failed to appear...because he was in jail for theft. If we are going to throw stones, Mr. Parson, you ought to build yourself a very large, very thick, brick house.

As for the comments about LAFD not deserving the raise that they are fighting for, come on, really? You would blame an entire department, and their families for that matter, for the transgressions of a few? Wow, I am glad you have done every thing right in your life.

I feel badly for the real victim in this case, the female firefighter who was violated. I also feel badly for the accused family. They have to live in this town and try to move on. Mr. Adair made a bad choice that is clear, however this makes him a person who made a bad choice, not a monster, scum, or whatever other keenly descriptive word the next person will come up to describe him.


It's a shame that the monitor is becoming such a tabloid. Is Jeff any part of this article? Just being used as a forum for people to take cheap shots. I can only imagine how some of those people would respond if we decided to call them out on here.

Since I won't, I will take this chance to say that Aaron is a phenomenal man as well as fireman. I have known him personally and professionally and would say that he has been an outstanding example to many. In no way are the actions being belittled, but I will say that I won't judge the life of what I consider to be a great man over a mistake that has no doubt seriously hurt him and his family. I will consider him to be a phenomenal person who is not without fault, and made a grave mistake.

As for Jeff and Jerry. The way they are being portrayed on this site is shameful and I personally feel honored to call them friends. I know for a fact that they have worked hard to be the great firemen. They train and study constantly because they love this town and are sincerely trying to be the best servants to this town they can. I can't think of 2 people I'd rather have run a call on me and my family than them.

I won't get involved in the petty slandering that takes place on this tabloid that pretends to be a newspaper because I know these guys wouldn't want me to sink to that level, but I will say that these people live under a microscope because they are heroes. Each one would give their life in an instant to save the people on this trash newspaper who drag them through the mud. I personally couldn't sit back and not say something and will gladly give Aaron a chance to make amends for his wrongs and continue to be the fine example of a person I have always known him to be.

There are people out there that devote their lives to service and public scrutiny. They strive to live lives worthy of the mantle of hero. It is a blessing and a burden that they would never give up. Is it better to be a fallen hero, someone who lives an exemplary life and is publicly ridiculed for his mistakes or be someone who chooses to give nothing to society and whose mistakes are so commonplace that it is hardly noticed when it does happen.

I know that was long winded and I am certain that Aaron would in no way want me to belittle what happened and I know that he is probably being harder on himself for this than we can imagine. I just had to speak my mind and I know that if given the chance to come back from this he will be an even better and more grateful servant to the town he loves.

Low Standards

You are purely drawing attention to your low standards for those you consider to be friends.

Even if they are great men, that DOES NOT change what happened- and what by all evidence has been presented as the truth (Adair confessing, destroying evidence, the squash??!).

I, too, feel badly for Adair’s family, but again, that can not impede justice.

Thank you for what you had to

Thank you for what you had to say. My uncles are really good guys and this has been hard on my family as it is. Thank you


Written by Tyler Jones, part of LAFD himself. Can you say biased????

LAFD Out of Control

You'll notice that Chief Doug Tucker isn't bothering to make much of a public statement. The LAFD is becoming a joke and one that the Chief intends to double from the current level (adequate for a city of 150,000). Like Los Alamos needs more thugs like the Adair brothers, who already had a bad reputation around town. Earlier this year one of LAFD's longtime finest (Driver Engineer Steven Fierro) was arrested for theft. You get the idea.

Firefighters aren't heroes -- they are doing their jobs and there are plenty of people who'd be able to do those jobs. In Los Alamos that job is ridiculously cushy compared to ABQ or SF -- where not only do they have to fight fires every shift, but have to also worry about being shot.

The Adair losers and the Chief all need to be fired. Sadly, the firefighters suing the county for an eight percent raise and will probably win. So taxpayers will be paying that on top of whatever massive amount of money the county will have to compensate the victim for harassment.

try the Santa Fe paper version

It makes it much more clean that Adair was the woman's supervisor.

"(The victim) has been a dedicated firefighter, had been going about her job until this week when she found out her team leader was a pervert who liked to watch women use the restroom," said John Day, the Santa Fe attorney representing the woman who previously fought wildland fires with the U.S. Forest Service.

"As her supervisor, he instructed her to give him the camera back so he could get that (memory card)," Day said. "She's a team player, but there are things you just can't allow to happen. In 2010, it's hard to believe any woman would still have to go through something like this."

Los Alamos police reports state the woman was hesitant to come forward because "she only wants to fit in with her male counterparts."

No one is condemning LAFD as

No one is condemning LAFD as a whole here, people. There are only three names ever mentioned- Jeff, Jerry, and now Aaaron. Jeff and Jerry have been getting away with too much for way too long because the citizens of Los Alamos hold them on a pedistal. Sure, I appriciate the good they may have done on the job but when not working, they are the scum of the earth with what they have gotten away with. Now it has been brought to the job and you still stand up for them? Even if I myself had been rescued by one of them, I would still not forgive the crimes they have commited. Also if you all think that it was just Aaron who was involved in the videotaping- think again. He is just taking the fall for it and I guarentee others were watching those tapes because I am also sure this was not the first time. He is only sorry because he was caught. I myself have witnessed first hand the debotchery that Jeff and Jerry are capable of. Not only with the beating of Ethan Parson for no reason but also drinking and ingesting illegal drugs (*gasp* that's right- illegal drugs!) and getting behind the wheel. I have known them for years and cannot believe what they get away with. Are they above the law? Apparently so. Why? Because they have people like you sticking up for them. I will be the first to say God bless the rest of the department and I thank them for their sacrifice. As for the other three- I think I have said enough.


EXACTLY!!!! Agreed, agreed, agreed!!! I can't begin to count the number of people in this town who have a horrible story to say about one of those three, and it is about time something happens to them. I am not against the LAFD at all, but I would really love to see these BOYS get what they have coming for a change!


That link just shows the google mail homepage.


That link just shows the google mail homepage.

jeff and jerry

jeff and jerry

Sexual Harrassment Should NOT Be Tolerated!

The Adair brothers (and Mr. Wetteland, for that matter) have cast a black shadow over all the good works of LAFD. I don't think anyone in this forum would argue that most of the firefighters that work for LAFD are upstanding citizens, even heroes. Hopefully, this incident will cause leaders in the LAFD to examine their priorities and investigate these individuals. Also, perhaps it will inspire the town to hold their "heroes" to a higher standard. Past good deeds do not undo current wrongdoing and should not exonerate an individual from a crime.

Sexual harrassment should NOT be tolerated. It is not tolerated by any upstanding employer. Whether or not the affected firefighter decides to press charges, Mr. Adair should be fired or, at the very least, be demoted.

The public servant

I have not read many of the posts, but these are my thoughts.

He is a Firefighter: the man who is going to run into that burning building to pick you up and carry your unconscious body to safety, the man whose chest you cry into when they come to your house for emergency calls, the EMT, the HAZMAT responder, the high angle rescue guy pulling you to safety, the man with the jaws of life prying open the car that has been crushed around your battered body, the man who is supposed to embody everything good in people sacrificing himself for you just because that is his job. He stood up 11 years ago to be a public servant, to do a job that not many people would do, or can do.

Everybody body is feeling betrayed, hurt, disappointed, disgusted, confused, the list of emotions goes on and on. All we know is what is being printed in the papers. In the balance is a man's life and a woman's career. Do not jump to conclusions before all of the facts are discovered, and presented. And for God's sake DON'T condemn the entire LAFD, that is just ludicrous. I would have to say let the investigation show what it is going to show.


I was savagely beaten by Jerrys best friend Jeff Wetteland At a party late on thanksgiving morning. Jerry Lured me into the back yard of Eric Ludaman's house to "talk" about the time i let him stay at my house in Idaho, To "thank " me. Jeff ran out of the corner with his t-shirt tied around his face and beat me until i was unconscious. When the LAPD arrived they claimed that i was drunk (i was) and insisted that i had fallen down. Jeff ran away. I was taken to the hospital, and he was still not found.
At the trial I was charged with battery. Jeff walked. i have a Battery charge on my record, 3600 in hospital bills. Thanks you for making my life hell. Jerry should be charged with obstruction and his brother should have to register as a sexual offender.

Poor innocent Ethan...

Ethan, you sound like a broken record. "thanks for making my life hell?" Sound like you have been doing a bang-up job of that on your own. You have a rap sheet a mile long, so it's hardly like you were some innocent victim before the big bad Adair brothers came along and ruined your life. How would you like your life put up for scrutiny and discussion (anonymously) by your enemies? Shoplifting, aggravated DWI, driving on a suspended or revoked license (multiple charges), providing alcohol to a minor, and many more. Your hypocrisy and whining are disgusting.

Thats right, Mr. Parson

Thats right, Mr. Parson should get jumped every day of the week, Shame on him for giving his debt to society. Everyone that has a record should be beaten for no apparent reason. Thank you, ms Gorman.

You're welcome!

This is simply a case of the pot calling the kettle black...and if you want to name names, don't be a coward and print your own name. Luckily, I don't have anything to hide and don't mind being "outed." Can you say the same?


I feel that all you bad-mouthers should be ashamed of yourselves. These men that you persecute so strongly are the same men that saved many of your friends and families houses during the Cerro Grande fire. You CANNOT persecute the entire LAFD because one person made a bad choice. We have ALL at some point in our lives made a bad decision and suffered the repurcussions of that decision. The only reason this made the headlines is because the men and women of LAFD are high profile people in this community. I strongly believe and trust that the men and women of LAFD would save myself or my children in any case whether they have made bad decisions in their lives or whether they like me personally or not. I seriously doubt many of you know or realize that our fire department is ranked one of the top 3 fire departments in the WORLD!!!! The men and women of LAFD are ALL Heros in my book whether some of them may have made bad choices at some point in their lives or not.

Its Heroes. Moron.

Its Heroes. Moron.

Jumping to conclusions

No one here is sentencing anyone (Adair) to anything. People on this forum have just asserted the seriousness of the incident, hoped for justice (whatever that is determined to be by the court) and bashed the monitor for deleting fair comments. This does not mean everyone dislikes all those who work for LAFD or disregard any great accomplishments individuals or the LAFD has achieved. However, I do hope that in 2010, sexual harassment is not tolerated.

The bottom line is that regardless of any personal or department achievement or whether or not is was a "stupid mistake" or "joke" (as referenced earlier), this is serious, and Noah has a right (and some would say she has an obligation) to pursue prosecution.

I think your opinion on the

I think your opinion on the seriousness of this offense would be substantially different if it was your wife/daughter/mother/friend/sister that he was video taping naked in the shower. This is not okay, no matter who you are, which is why it was placed in the paper, not at all to do with his position of being 'high profile'. The fact is, based on that, Aaron would be livid if someone was taping his wife or 5 DAUGHTERS naked, yet he failed to think outside of his testosterone driven brain, which does indeed have a running trend within the fire department.

I definately think the

I definately think the offense was serious, if it was my daughter that he video-taped I would prosecute to the full extent of the law. It is up to the victim to prosecute and make sure that justice is served. But I also know for a fact that even though some or probably most of the men in LAFD might have "testosterone" driven brains, that when that alarm goes off and it's time to do their jobs, they drop everything and get it done and with care and compassion. I doubt that there is not a single family in Los Alamos that the men and women of LAFD hasn't saved or done EVERYTHING in their power to try to save at least one person in their family. It is WRONG to persecute the entire department because one person made a very STUPID mistake.


I was in the ARMY for eight years, It must be pretty simple to gain employment to the LAFD. When is the next selection? We can do whatever we please? Sign me up.

The victim is Noah

I do hope that Noah pursues this case and continues to press charges. This will be a very controversial case and will have a lot of outside pressures. I encourage Noah to stay the course and endure the fight for her female firefighting counterparts. I encourage the county and LA court to take it seriously and uphold Noah's rights!


Really? Deleteling all of the comments? This entire community is turning into a complete joke. Anyone who holds any kind of a badge is never held responsible for their actions or forced to suffer any consequences, in fact, it turns out to be the absolute opposite. As stated before, someone said to not bring down all of LAFD. They're right, there are some really amazing and decent human beings with the department and they don't deserve the black mark for what these losers have done. I'm embarassed for LAFD because of these 3 (Aaron, Jerry and Jeff). What has to happen for the community to realize what kind of hands they are putting their lives in? A wife beater? Nope. A pervert? Nope. A sociopath? Nope. I hope nothing ever happens to me where I might have the slighest chance that any of these sorry excuses for men would show up to "help" me. I'm sorry that so many of you are blinded by who these "men" truly are.
Maybe we need to go above the Montior and make the entire state aware of what kind of people Los Alamos has chosen as their "finest".

They will walk. Hell, maybe

They will walk. Hell, maybe the female firefighter will catch a charge. LAPD has an inability to prosecute real criminals. The Monitor will employ their tactic of media censorship and this message will be removed, My account deleted much like last time i posted on this message board. Maybe Los Alamos is a community that harbors criminals, perverts and absolute megalomaniacs. I feel no remorse for these monsters, only fear for the members of your community. How long before someone else is hurt by these power-hungry control-freaks? My prediction is very soon. What else do you do when you are above the law?

Ethan Parson

Completely Inappropriate
Submitted by 1118NMTX on Mon, 10/25/2010 - 7:36pm.

No one, male or female should have to think about the horrifying possibility of being filmed while in any bathroom- but even more so at their place of employment AND by their supervisor on top of that!

This reinforces the fire department's bias against female employees. Females are obviously not treated equally or fairly in the LAFD.

This activity is completely inappropriate (not to mention disgusting) and should be taken seriously.

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Why is the monitor removing
Submitted by HerbertF on Mon, 10/25/2010 - 5:23pm.

Why is the monitor removing all the comments that have to do with a negative spin,(which are all true) on the heads of the fired department. Will someone just please explain to me why these posts are being taking down, and why has Jerry never been charged with obstruction of justice.

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Submitted by LostAlmost on Sun, 10/24/2010 - 7:52pm.


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Look. Everyone makes
Submitted by Islander3 on Sat, 10/23/2010 - 12:15pm.

Look. Everyone makes mistakes. These guys ARE NOT scum. This probably was a bad joke gone wring. Think of their families!!!! I love them very much and if their own families can forgive him, why not you? Stop hurting them.... They have been punished enough.

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Submitted by ethanp on Tue, 10/26/2010 - 10:38am.

How have they been punished? In fact, that is the exact opposite of what has happened. Perhaps someone should have thought of his career and family before trying to videotape his subordinates at their most vulnerable state. Alas Justice WILL NOT be served and all guilty parties will go free while the innocent are oppressed.

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Submitted by 1118NMTX on Mon, 10/25/2010 - 7:29pm.

It's really not the job of anyone but Adair to think of his family, and he failed to see the implications of his actions. It is sad- but that can not impede justice.

NO joke includes videotaping ANYONE in the shower/restroom.

ATTN: LA Monitor

Please remove the "comments" section if you are going to continue to delete all comments.

slow down...

I have been reading the comments posted here previously and I think everybody needs to take a deep breath and not jump to conclusions. First off, nobody knows what happened except for the people directly involved. Time will tell and the facts will be revealed eventually. Until then, I choose to give them the benefit of the doubt, or at the least, not pass judgment. Secondly, the implication that the fire department in general could be full of sexual predators is simply ridiculous and offensive, and I imagine that's why the comment isn't being displayed anymore. Finally, I haven't met anybody yet who hasn't screwed up royally at least once in their life. Not being a perfect person myself, I will show these people compassion regardless of the outcome. I deal with both of the Adairs in a professional capacity regularly as they respond to my facility in emergencies. They have always, ALWAYS been the consummate professionals while responding to a call, and I'd be relieved to have them take care of me or my family in an emergency anytime. Making a stupid decision doesn't undo all the good things they do/have done.

I know what happened.

As published in the monitor the accused party admitted to placing the camera in the bathroom... But I know what they are capable of first hand. As i said before, they will walk, but who knows how long it will take before it happens again. Why do the residents of Los Alamos stand for injustice? The court date is on November 8th, i implore the community to be there.


All comments deleted? Truth that there can be no justice if the people are censored.