Fire Mitigation Efforts Ongoing at Laboratory

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Though no fires are burning on Los Alamos National Laboratory property, numerous personnel are actively engaged in fire mitigation projects throughout the Laboratory’s 36 square miles.

Crews are in the process of thinning fuels and improving existing fire roads at five locations on Laboratory property. One project is specifically dedicated to reducing potential fuel sources in the vicinity of Area G, the Laboratory’s Radioactive Waste Storage and Disposal Facility. As part of that project, crews are using industrial-sized mowers and large-vegetation mulching machines known as "Masticators" to reduce grasses, shrubs and small trees along Pajarito Road. Crews are also conditioning fire roads in the vicinity and spraying water to moisten potential ignition sources.

Crews are engaged in similar activities along West Jemez Road, at an access area close to N.M. 4 just southwest of the community of White Rock, along a power line corridor located between the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center and the Laboratory’s Radioactive Liquid Waste Treatment Facility, and around the Laboratory’s explosive materials firing site northwest of the entrance to Bandelier National Monument.

"These activities will help further protect the Laboratory from wildfire," said Laboratory Director Charlie McMillan. "We are extremely appreciative of the continuing efforts of firefighting crews and Laboratory employees who are diligently protecting the nation’s premier national security science facility. These efforts will help us continue our national security mission."

No wild fires are currently burning on Lab property. All of the Laboratory’s nuclear and hazardous materials, including its waste and environmental remediation sites, are safe, accounted for, and protected.

In earlier news, LANL announced Wednesday that it would remain closed through Friday, July 1.

Laboratory employees seeking further information about the Las Conchas fire should check local news sources.