Fire alarm at LANL's plutonium technical area Thursday

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Los Alamos Fire Department responded to a small fire before noon today in a storage area in Tech Area 55, which is Los Alamos National Laboratory’s plutonium science and manufacturing technical area.

The incident was caused most likely by a failed fluorescent light ballast in Building 314, which is a warehouse that is not nuclear, not radiological and not connected to the area that manufactures plutonium pits involved in thermonuclear weapons, according to LANL spokesman Kevin Roark.

No injuries or damages were reported, according to a LANL spokesman. Fire investigators are on the scene.

The incident did not affect PF-4, within Tech Area 55, which is where plutonium pits are manufactured, according to the spokesman. Plutonium pits are the triggers used in thermonuclear weapons.

Only two buildings in Tech Area 55 are radiological. The other buildings are office buildings or support buildings, Roark said.