Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be harder than it seems

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Almost everyone owns at least one pair of jeans; they are impossible not to love, especially for teens.  They are essentially the main staple of an outfit. Most jean styles can easily be dressed up or down for a casual or dressy look.
There is just one problem: many people do not know how to find the perfect pair of jeans, or how to take care of them, for that matter. But don’t worry because the book, “Style,” by Lauren Conrad has all the answers.
In an attempt to find the “perfect” pair of jeans, a vast amount of America’s population resorts to buying what style experts call “mom jeans.” In fact, last year, President Barack Obama was criticized for sporting a pair of jeans that looked similar to “mom jeans” during a baseball game. They are easily spotted by their super high-rise and light wash. One would assume that most people would not want to put up with the embarrassment in wearing a monstrosity like that, but they seem to be widely popular.
It’s understandable that shopping for jeans can be difficult. After all, everyone has a different figure, and the variety of jeans is enormous. Some style choices include skinny, straight leg, boot-cut, flare and baggy jeans.
Among teens, skinny and boot-cut are the favorites. There are some rules to wearing jeans, however. Faux pas number one is: do not wear jeans below your derriere. That means no showing your underwear, no low crotches, and no securing your jeans with a belt at your thighs.
When shopping for jeans, getting the right fit is essential. If you are buying skinny jeans, make sure that they have some stretch to them. They should fit tightly around all parts of the body — but not to the point of discomfort — because they will expand a little bit in the wash and through wearing.
If the jeans are too long and they fit perfectly in all the key areas, then take them to a tailor to get hemmed, or you can hem them yourself if you know how to sew.
Straight leg jeans are more common with adults looking to dress professionally. The straight leg jean is often seen with a pinstripe, and its rise is slightly higher than that of the skinny jean. Also keep in mind that a dark wash will portray a professional look.
After finding the perfect pair of jeans, the next step is making sure they are kept in good shape. To keep jeans looking good, wash them inside out and use a detergent without bleach. Laundering this will ensure that the jeans will not fade as quickly.
Black or very dark blue jeans are over-dyed when they are manufactured in order to have the maximum intensity of dark color. This can be dangerous to light-colored furniture, upholstery or other light-colored clothes and shoes you may be wearing because the dark dye can rub off. After a few washes, this problem will fix itself.
Sometimes, it can take what seems like forever to find the perfect pair of jeans, and it may be frustrating, but don’t give up, there’s a pair of jeans out there to fit every shape and size.