Finding the balance is vital

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In these days of division and polarization much is made of “balance”  in reporting and governance.
Friday’s coverage of MIG’s presentation to the Transportation Board covered well the explanation of the two lane “preferred alternative” for the redoing of 502.
It noted the large attendance (rare at a board meeting) but did not note that many present seemed to desire  a four lane alternative! As one who attended, I was struck by the notion of “balance” that MIG presented  in its shaping of its work, it said it considered all stakeholders equal as a “balanced” approach.
I though that the various stakeholders, drivers, bikers, pedestrians ought to be considered proportionately as the  “voice of the community.”
Since the community only really has one voice  in government accountability through the votes it cast for council, it seems that, in a divisive issue like this, it is incumbent that the voices of the community be heard by our elected representatives thoroughly.
Clearly, while  the Transportation Board has heard the view of MIG through its frame and will further frame the issue to council as well, the credibility of future actions  will rest on how well the final decision reflects the will of the entire community.
Robert A. Nunz
Los Alamos