Finally, a good manager

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By The Staff

Finally, a good manager


Wow, what a difference management can make! I’ve finally found a “home” at Los Alamos National Security where I’m appreciated for my work, treated fairly and honestly, allowed to exercise my opinion, and expected to put my family first. I’m even trusted to manage my own work time as an adult without needing notes from my mommy. I was surprised managers like that still exist.

For a long while, I’ve been transferred from one control freak, tyrant, and bully to the next. “Good” managers, it seemed, were dinosaurs. When describing the characteristics of someone I thought of as a good manager to one of the tyrants I recently worked for, he responded, “Man, he must have been a real wimp!” That said it all: some managers feel they must step all over people to be considered, “Tough Guys.”

“Love one another as I have loved you,” is something Christians hear a lot. Some of the tyrants and bullies I’ve met consider themselves Christians, in spite of their behaviors. It’s good they’re trying to better themselves in church, but I don’t see any outward signs that they’ve been listening. I’m far from the perfect Christian, but I think I understand what Christ expects from us with that statement. No one is “better.” We are charged with loving people without condition. And the “meek” that shall inherit the Earth only rhymes with “weak.”

That philosophy shouldn’t be left at the chapel doors, either. It should be carried into our everyday lives, even at LANS, which is often “The Land of Self-Importance.” It’s obvious that isn’t what Christ had in mind (consider the Pharisees).

So, if you enjoy lording over people to stroke your own insecurity; if you need to micromanage people like children (even timing their potty breaks); if your employees are expected to “live to work;” if you discipline and/or abuse people just because you can (but are surprised when you wind up alone)… then do the rest of us a favor and stick to what you’re good at. But, by no means attempt to supervise people.

Because when it comes to control freaks, tyrants, and bullies, most of us are onto you: you’re the biggest wimps of all.


Barbara Nelson

Los Alamos