Final fashion advice

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By Alexandra Hehlen

The single entity we call “fashion” is actually comprised of a constant flux of multiple trends, inspirations, successes and flops.
Not only do I love to dress stylishly, but the concept of fashion also very closely resembles my life: a constant flux of trends, inspirations, successes and flops.
Fashion designers learn from their mistakes and successes and each season some new trend or avant garde spin on a style emerges.
I see fashion as something that constantly gets better and better, despite occasional pitfalls or unpopular trends. As I kept track of this progression over the past four years writing as the Fashion Maven, I myself moved forward as well.
My writing skills became much better as I learned more and more about journalism, my love for both fashion and journalism increased exponentially and I was able to share my passions for these subjects with the community.
Even more, as the fashion world is preparing to take its next step into the summer season, I am preparing for college, the next step in my life.
And my goodness, have I got a dilemma.
There’s no way in a million years — even if I used vacuum-sealable bags and figured out the most economic way to store all of my shoes — that I could take even half of my closet with me to college.
The best way to say a farewell is to introduce the promise of a new open door, which for me will be the next four years of my life at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
So, for my final Fashion Maven column, I’ve already got some tips and tricks for how and what to pack for college regarding your wardrobe — even though I won’t be attending college until this fall.
1. The other day I was sorting through my shoes, and I decided to make a little pile of the ones I’d bring to college. The “little pile: ended up being a mound, much larger than I thought, and I hadn’t even added any dressy shoes to it yet.
2. The point is, be ready to pack a lot of shoes. If you’re going somewhere with a lot of precipitation, you’ll need UGG or rain boots. Everyone needs tennis shoes and a few good pairs of sandals for walking, flip flops and slippers for around the dorm and some nicer shoes for a night out. If you like to hike, don’t forget some sturdier hiking boots, too.
3. One nifty way to store shoes is a hanging shoe holder or a shoe tray for wet boots.
4. Whatever you pack, make sure to bring a lot of cotton shirts. Although many of my polyester or rayon shirts are some of my favorites, they’re really not great for walking a lot across campus because they do not absorb sweat. Cotton is much more breathable and will keep you more odor-free throughout the day. Cotton shirts are also easier to wash.
5. Bring a good variety of jackets, which are great for layering depending on the weather patterns of the area you’re heading to. Have some blazers and structured jackets for more formal events, but make sure to bring along a few cardigans and a jean jacket to make an outfit more causal.
6. Sometimes I will put together an outfit and realize that it meets some very important criteria: comfortably stylish shoes, easily washable and layerable pieces and, of course, fashionable. If you ever put together an outfit like this during the summer, write it down.
7. When the time comes to pack, you will need to bring along pieces that all work together for the most part.
8. Having certain outfits pre-planned will help you find out what other clothes you can pack that will go with the pieces of your pre-selected ensembles. It’s very important to be able to mix-and-match what you have so you can make many outfits out of a few articles of clothing.
That’s all I’ve got so far. And when I have more, you’ll be sure to hear from me soon. Stay fashionable!

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