Few questions about bond

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

1)  Isn’t the school board that’s wants the bond money the same school board that recently “wrote off” six million dollars of missing money?

2) If there is overwhelming urgency right now to fix the school’s 60 year old  buildings, why wasn’t there this much urgency 10 years ago when the buildings  were 50 years old?  It seems that the urgency is more the fear that REAL economic bad times are ahead and maybe people really won’t have the money (even all the Los Alamos millionaires!). 

The school system is the wealthiest non-government-related entity in the county since they own more land than anyone  else.  It seems that a whole new high school could have been built by now if the  school system had wanted one.  Remember that we get a lot of money from the government for our schools? 

Why not save for the things you need?

3) Isn’t the school board going to receive revenue from the Airport Basin and  Trinity Site during the term of the bond? How much?  Does the school board get  any portion of the gross receipts tax now being paid by LANS?

4) Los Alamos High School used to be consistently in the top 25 of the nation in  terms of quality of education. Isn’t it true that it is no longer even in the  top 500?  This isn’t a facilities problem and it’s not a money problem.

Overall, the major argument for passing a huge school bond seems to be that we  ought to be as heavily taxed as Pojoaque, and if we’re not, then we’re not Putting Our Kids First. 

Maybe we should have casinos. Not only is this a real  bad time to raise taxes (my tax bill shows that there’s already three school bonds  that we’re paying for), but the amount of irresponsible manipulation on the part  of public officials is demanding that citizens stop automatically condoning the  actions of their representatives.  Consequently, all governments are suffering a  lack of trust and we shouldn’t be giving it back until they earn it back.

One way is to measure how much guilt is being implied we should feel if we don’t support it.

I’m voting against the bond issue.  Just say no.

Los Alamos