Few clarifications

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

In my Council Corner that appeared Tuesday night the version that I thought I sent was correct, but the word processor editor tool apparently added changes we had made prior to the final version, but didn’t erase the final deletions.

The important one is in the second paragraph and has to do with the GRT taxes imposed. It should have read as follows: “In the past couple of years our citizens have voted a 1/8th cent increase to help recoup our expenses for Fire Station # 3 and the Council approved another 3/8th cent to fund the Airport Basin, the Municipal Building, the Judicial/Police/Jail Complex and other projects.”

The other major deletion that didn’t get through, one which may be important to the School Board, is what should have been just “the Facilities Renovation Plan” in the third paragraph from the bottom.

County Councilor