Feel the pasión in tango

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LALT: Pasión de Tango with Cuarteto Alejandro Ziegler, will perform Oct. 18

The Los Alamos Little Theatre will present Pasión de Tango with the Cuarteto Alejandro Ziegler touring the American Southwest for the first time, at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 18.  
Ziegler (piano), Ignacio Quiroz (violin), Javier Stromann (bandoneón), Ariel Obregón (double bass) hail from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they developed their own contemporary tango style based on the music of Julián Plaza, Alfredo Gobbi, Horacio Salgán, Aníbal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese and Astor Piazzolla.  
Zielger was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He graduated from UCA Music University in composition and orchestral conducting. As a pianist, he joined the Buenos Aires City Orchestra (Orquesta Escuela de Tango). There he performed for over two years under conductors Emilio Balcarce and Nestor Marconi.
Since 2007, the Alejandro Ziegler Quartet has developed its own style of tango music reflecting both innovation and tradition. The quartet that started in Buenos Aires is a new synthesis of the traditional tango orchestra. Various grooves and different ornaments reveal the members’ personal playing styles. On stage, the communication between the four musicians is expressive, and playful. They combine a chamber musical expression with the unpredictable spontaneity of popular music and improvisation. Ziegler’s own compositions come alive through arrangements as well as interplay.
With their mix of tango, improvisation and romance, they have gained recognition all over the world. Alp Findikoglu and Paula Couselo-Findikoglu, local tango instructors, will dance to some of the music.
Their students, Marcelo Jaime, Franziska Weickert, Chuck Wilkerson, Marianne Wilkerson, Alexander Smith, Lisa Page, Irene Berenstein, Ricardo Lebensohn, Kama Michel and Glenn Michel, will dance as well.
Findikoglu was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. Couselo-Findikoglu was born, raised and trained as a ballet and tango dancer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Together, they have performed and taught tango in New Mexico for many years. They have taught tango at the Betty Ehart Senior Center for about 10 years and have built the tango dance community in Los Alamos.
They also organize milongas (tango social dances) in New Mexico, and travel to Buenos Aires at least once a year, where they keep exploring the depth and complexity of the dance and music.  Some of their recent performances include “Taste of Tango” Pro Musica’s fundraiser with musicians Daniel Binelli and Polly Ferman in September 2011, and the Interpreter Conference in Albuquerque in October 2011. Couselo-Findikoglu was recently invited to tour the U.S. with Polly Ferman’s Glamour Tango, a women-only tango show.  
Pasión de Tango is a show of tango music and dance; the music being the canvas on which dance is painted.
The heritage and variety of tango music and dance are portrayed not only through different orchestral styles, but also through distinct rhythms within the tango umbrella: tango, vals and milonga.
Pasión de Tango is based on the evolution of tango throughout the years. The show opens with two pieces. Then the journey through time begins with Buenos Aires in 1882.
This style paints a picture of the bordellos where tango was first played and accepted. The show continues with another age of tango: the 30s to the 50s.
Pasión de Tango then changes to the most revolutionary age of tango: the ’60s.
The musicians also explain the music that is played during the show, so that the audience can understand the social context from which tango developed. Dancers’ choreographies and improvisations portray the different tango styles and their evolution through more than a century-long journey.
Tickets for this event are $20 for general admission/open seating, and are available at CB Fox or at the door the night of the performance.
For more information visit  lalt.org or call producer Gracie Cainelli at 662-9352.