Federal tax rebate plan that does what?

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By The Staff

Well, our government once again did something we simply cannot understand.

Saying they want to fight a possible recession, they passed an emergency plan that will “rush” rebates of $600 to $1,200 to most taxpayers, as well as $300 checks to disabled veterans, the elderly and other low-income people.

Of course, these checks will not come until May or June and cost the government – er, us – some $168 billion. Money that will have to come from somewhere – like more taxes later.

This is so much nonsense that only government could come up with such a plan.

Let us say we are in a recession, or are going into one. Does anyone really think that giving people $600 or $1,200 will really solve their financial problems?

Who honestly thinks this will do anything? Especially when someday, someway, that money will have to be repaid via taxes.

Why not just lower taxes and let people have more of what they make all year long?

Guess that makes too much sense.

So, Congress passes and the president signs this bill and we can all sit and wait for our checks to come to save the economy.

Forget about dealing with the real issues of the mortgage crisis, high interest rates, unemployment or deficits.

Let’s bury our heads in the sand and hope that stuff thrown up on the wall will stick somewhere and do something.

But we will not hold our breath. What foolishness.