A favor for the Fashion Maven

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Dear readers,


I have been giving you fashion advice over the past year or so and in return, I would love to receive some feedback from you regarding my articles.

I will be filling out college applications this summer and your feedback could help support me in my future endeavors regarding fashion and journalism.

Share with me what you learned, why you enjoy my column and anything else that you find important. 

Send comments and feedback to enstylopedia@hotmail.com. 

Thank you so much!

Now, let’s talk fashion.

For my last column of this school year, I will leave you with some hot tips to stay stylishly cool over the summer. 

• To beat the summer heat, we’re tempted to just throw on a pair of denim shorts and an old tank top. There are more stylish ways, however, to stay cool.

Replace your old tank top with a flowy blouse printed with a colorful pattern. Add some accessories that accent the colors in the pattern of your shirt.
•If you decide to wear denim shorts, make sure that they reach to above the knee. If they are longer than that, they should be capri-length, reaching around the middle of your shin. 

• Be adventurous and wear a colorful skirt or dress with a cute pair of wedges or sandals. The maxi dress is all the rage. Wear one with a denim jacket and a large necklace to complete the look.

• Dress for the occasion. That means no flip-flops or daisy dukes in the office, if you have a summer job.

• Treat yourself to a fun swimsuit that complements your figure. Right now, ’60s-style and patterned suits are a hit. 

• Before you go shopping, check out your closet and figure out what styles and colors of clothing you already have enough of. That way, when you hit the stores you’ll know exactly what you need. 

• Shop at or give some of your old clothes to a thrift store. It feels good to save money on fashion. 

• Go to a store you’ve never been to before. You never know what you’ll find!

• Take advantage of this year’s crazy explosion of prints, styles and colors in the fashion world. This leaves you a lot of wiggle room to experiment with your wardrobe — and get away with a few faux pas.

• Most importantly, be yourself. On the one hand, you should push yourself out of your comfort zone when you go shopping and try on pieces you might normally overlook.

At the end of the day, however, only buy the clothes that you love and that you feel reflect your personality the best.

If you’ll miss me as much as I’ll miss you, visit my blog at enstylopedia.tumblr.com, where I will be posting bi-monthly fashion columns on Sundays over the break.

Have a great summer!


The Fashion Maven