Fashion Maven: Winter clothes can be warm and stylish

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By Alexandra Hehlen

I was not ready for the cold weather to arrive so soon.  I’m a warm weather person who could wear tank tops, skirts and dresses every day of the year if the weather allowed it.
Don’t get me wrong, I love to ski, but what about when it doesn’t snow and it’s still cold? What do I wear? I have endless combinations in my closet for a winter outfit, but putting them together into a cute, wearable and warm outfit is the most difficult part of getting through the cold stylishly.
I have a few essentials for every fall and winter outfit that must go in your closet this season.
My number one priority is a pair of UGG boots. They are warm, comfortable and most of them come in neutral colors, so they match many outfits. I know they are a bit pricey, but they are definitely an investment.
Just remember, when you buy them, make sure to buy a waterproofing spray made especially for UGGs, and spray them before you wear them for the first time.
Also, try to stay away from ice melt  in the winter — it makes white stains on your boots that only come off with a brush and hours of patience.
Of course, I love to be warm when it’s freezing outside, so when it gets really cold, I opt for my ski jacket.
For the slightly less chilly days, a sweater is a must. It can be layered over a long-sleeve shirt, T-shirt, or even a tank top, depending on the temperature.
My favorite sweaters are oversized sweaters, though.
Worn over a pair of skinny jeans with a pair of UGG boots, they complete a perfect cozy, cute, warm outfit.
A scarf or hat is also essential, especially since it can be used as an accessory. I have a whole box full of scarves of different colors to highlight my outfits on one of those gray, cloudy, snowy days.
Freezing hands can be painful, so I remedy the problem with a pair of gloves. I have a lot of gloves, but I find that for the most part, the ski and snowboarding gloves are really warm.
Keep in mind  that knitted gloves with thin string aren’t very toasty, but they are stylish. Leather gloves are another option. They can be warm and very elegant.
Ok, I admit it: as much as I love summer, winter is pretty fab, too.
Just keep in mind that no matter how cold it may be outside, don’t ever let the temperature freeze up your style!