Fashion Maven: What's trending in the fashion world

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By Alexandra Hehlen

The weather is still cold enough that someone would have to pay about $1 billion to make you stop wearing cuddly sweaters, warm pea coats and toasty boots, but believe it or not, spring is heading our way and in the fashion world, it has already arrived.
Designers recently wrapped up most of their spring runway shows and I’ve combed through some of their looks to bring you the top trends of the coming season before anyone else does.
What’s my reason for such an early start? During, after and even before the spring runway shows, clothing stores and less prominent designers take the extravagant looks they see marching down the runways and “humanize” them.
These consumer-friendly products, which are based on — but are less flamboyant than — the exotic creations seen during the fashion shows, are then sent to your favorite stores, all before spring even turns the corner.
That means that right now, the newest spring trends are already in stores and if you want to get the cream of the crop, shopping for the next season now is much smarter than waiting until the flowers start sprouting in the spring.
So let’s cut to the chase. Here’s a list of next season’s trends and essential pieces.
• Color in almost every hue. Any vibrant color or neon is a must, especially for a statement accessory.
• Jewel tones are also trending, and can be intermixed for a classy contrast. Mustard yellow and mint green are also coloring the store shelves.
• Large statement jewelry. It can be vibrantly colored, sparkly or have a dark hue. Large necklaces, distinctive rings in creative shapes and golden bracelets in unique styles top my list of the best statement jewelry.
• Anything printed is a must. From stripes to flower- and animal-print jeans, pick a print and incorporate it into an outfit containing colors similar those in the patterned piece.
• Denim in pants, shirts, vests and jackets is everywhere. You can select from different washes or even pick out some colorful jeans with a metallic sheen.
• Leather skirts. These are fabulous, especially when paired with tall boots or leg-warmers.
• Lucky for us New Mexicans, Flamenco-dancer chic is in. Crisp white blouses, flower accessories and Southwestern jewelry are among the many aspects of this trend.
• Peplum is next on the list. To spot the peplum trend, keep your eyes peeled for a shirt that is fitted on top, but is cinched at the waist and flares out from there. Peplum shirts can have long sleeves, short sleeves, boatneck cuts or even sweetheart necklines.
• Penny loafers in different colors, various prints or accented with studs make a fabulous addition to your wardrobe. Along the same line, studded and flower-printed combat boots are also trending.
Although warm weather may seem like a distant fantasy, look out for ’60s-style bathing suits. Bikinis or one-piece suits are both fashionable alternatives.
Don’t hesitate to spring into action now and get the best trends of the upcoming season in advance.

Let me know what you’d like to see in my next article, get some ideas for the upcoming spring trends and view an archive of my fashion column at enstylopedia.tumblr.com.