Fashion Maven: What to wear when you don’t know what to wear

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By Alexandra Hehlen


It’s one of those mornings when you’re standing in front of your closet in your pajamas, in frustration or even in tears. It’s an “I have nothing to wear!” day.

Many of us remember those times when half of our closet was scattered across the floor in a frenzy of hopefulness that some good outfit would pop out of the wardrobe, but to no avail.

These days are tough to deal with, especially if you’re dressing for an important event, or if you’re already late to work and don’t have time to mull over your outfit.

There are multiple ways to deal with an outfit hang up. Here are a few:

1. Pick one article of clothing or an accessory that you feel like wearing and build an outfit around it. 

2. For example, if you know that you want to wear your orange and blue patterned shirt, you can add a jean jacket, white pants and some silver sandals. Sometimes having a starting point helps you move forward. 

3. Over the course of the year, gather some magazines that feature outfits you like. Mark your favorite outfits with sticky notes. When I feel completely lost, I’ll flip to one of my go-to magazines and find a look for inspiration. 

4. You may not have all of the pieces in the magazine, but often times you will have something similar. Challenging yourself to create your own outfit based off of one in a magazine will get your creative juices going. 

5. Don’t give up. Opting for sweatpants or pajamas is not a last resort; it’s not even an option. If you take this route once, you’ll be more likely to take it again in the future. 

6. If you really end up wanting to wear something comfortable, try a long shirt – belted at the waist — with some leggings and boots. 

7. Too many times have I stood in front of my closet wondering, “What was that fabulous outfit I wore last week?” Even though we have days when we don’t know what to wear, we’ve also got days when we manage to muster up an outfit that makes us feel like we’ve got the world on a string. 

8. Except for, a few weeks later when your inspiration is at an all time low, you can’t remember what outfit that exactly was. 

9. From here on out, start writing down your favorite outfits. That way, on a day when you’re stuck, you can refer back to your sheet and recreate an outfit that will work 100 percent of the time.

10. In fact, I’ve created a Fashion Maven outfit record sheet just for my readers to download from my fashion column Facebook page, which you can find at facebook.com/enstylopedia. Download the spreadsheet from the most recent post and plan away! 

11. If you think your sheet is particularly masterful, or if you’ve got an outfit you think is fabulous, share it on the page! 

With a little time, patience and creativity, you’ll easily be able to go from stuck to stylish.