Fashion Maven: The ultimate Halloween costume

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By Alexandra Hehlen

It’s no surprise that many high school students have decided to stop trick-or-treating. They’ve probably run out of ideas for what sort of costume they should wear.
Is there a costume out there that is fun, comfortable, not embarrassing to wear in front of your friends, and — most importantly for me — fashionable? Actually, yes, there is one that fits the bill. Have you ever considered being a fashionista for Halloween?
Wearing a fashionable outfit is not enough for this costume idea. A fashionista is a fashion fanatic, so a complicated outfit is necessary. Let’s check out what is needed for the typical girly fashionista’s ultimate getup.
• Anything with frills or ruffles goes. Try a frilly skirt or a tank top with multiple layers. Since it will be cold out, I suggest wearing a pea coat or structured jacket that is pink, purple, white or very feminine.
• If you are wearing a skirt, make sure to wear leggings underneath so you stay warm when you go trick-or-treating at night. Patterned or colorful leggings are a fun addition to this outfit.
• Black skinny jeans or patterned jeans can also be worn instead of a skirt or dress.
• Stylish boots will also keep you warm, but if you wish to wear flats, try sparkly shoes like Toms or flower-patterned shoes.
• Layer many bracelets, necklaces and rings — especially ones that are sparkly, silver, pink, purple or contain crystals. Large earrings are a must.
• For a clever way to collect your candy, use a large purse instead of a bucket, pillowcase or plastic bag.
• Spray your hair with heat guard for protection, curl it with a one- to two-inch curling iron and spritz the style with hair spray, if you desire. You can add sparkly barrettes, bows, headbands or hair clips to glitz up the hairstyle.
I suggest using eyeliner in any color that complements your skin tone, along with some blush, mascara, red lipstick and sparkly eye shadow.
There are no hard-and-fast rules for the ultimate fashionista, so take my ideas as guidelines to use when you go through your own wardrobe to create this Halloween outfit.
Being a fashionista for Halloween is fabulous. Trust me, I know.
Although not quite as sparkly and over-accessorized as our Halloween fashionista idea, I am one every day!