Fashion Maven: Tips for sprucing up this season’s style

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By Alexandra Hehlen

Hurray, spring is here! Why does winter have to be so long, anyway? Not that I don’t love pea coats and boots and UGGs, but come on, you’ve got to love warmer weather, a balmy breeze and the beginnings of a suntan.
Plus, the commencement of a season means a whole new list of what you’ve got to have this spring to be in style.
• For both men and women, colorful jeans are in. That means patterned or solid-colored ones. Don’t forget that this trend still requires taste.
This spring, we’re rocking colorful jeans with class, not with punk. Keep in mind that your jeans must fit well and that the colors in the pattern should be such that you can pair the jeans with items you already have in your closet.
I am not a big fan of the washed-out leopard print jeans, which end up looking worn and like someone spilled a cup of skim milk over them and never cleaned it off.
• Patterned tops. On the spring 2012 runways, we are faced with absolutely mind-boggling prints. Don’t be afraid to rock this trend and if you are print-shy, pair a colorfully designed shirt with a dark blazer and neutral pants.
• As if not emphasized enough already, this spring it’s about color, color, and … more color! Don’t hesitate to mix hues in a flattering ensemble, or buy a piece that uses color blocking in it. Vibrant colors and pastel colors are a hit this season.
• The trend I’m most psyched about is a return to ‘20s fashion. That  means sequined cocktail dresses, metallics, fringes and don’t forget the fabulous feathers. Just add little bits of these key elements to an outfit. You don’t have to go all out.
• Don’t forget the radical shades. Pick up a pair of sunglasses that has a whimsical shape or color to it.
•Be sporty chic. Keep your eyes peeled for pieces that have sporty vibes to them. That doesn’t mean full-out sportswear, sweats and tennis shoes. That means sophisticated pieces that are made of athletic fabrics, have a zipper that looks sporty, consists of vibrant colors and have patterns or elements composed of shapes that are often prevalent in sport-oriented clothing.
• The tribal trend is great for all of us New Mexicans, because we have a fusion of crazy patterns with Native American traditional designs and colors. Loose, flowy dresses are often belted to create shape. Shoes consist of leather sandals, flat or heeled, which are often accented with excessive, yet stylish, amounts of beads and leather tassels.
This season’s best trends are so varied that anyone should be able to find an aspect that they like the best and are most comfortable wearing. Winter always seems a bit drab and colorless to me.
Now that the grass is growing and flowers are sprouting, wearing the new fad may just put a little spring in your step.