Fashion Maven: Tips on finding a suit that suits you

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By Alexandra Hehlen

Among many objects in a man’s closet, I believe that the suit is the most important. Suits are versatile and can make a lasting impressions.
The only problem is, many of you guys out there have trouble finding suits. You have all sorts of issues: they’re ill fitting, uncomfortable, or just plain boring. I say a perfect suit is a must and can be easy to find as long as you have a few helpful pointers.
To begin with, there are different suits for different occasions, so have a clear idea of what you need the suit for. Typically, an everyday suit for the office is best in navy or black.
Upon arrival at the store, it’s always helpful to quickly walk around and get an idea of the different styles of suits the store offers.
A lot of times, what you like the first time around makes an impression on you, but it will also make an impression on those who see you wearing the suit.
Pull a few suits that interest you, so you can try them on.
I don’t think I have ever met a man who actually wants to try on clothes, but you really do need to try on the suit so you can tell where it fits and where it needs to be tailored.
At this point, you may want to consult a salesman, to get a different opinion about your choice in suit.
Suits should fit perfectly in the shoulders, chest and arms. The shoulders of a suit should be snug and the same size as your own shoulders.
Any shoulder pads that are sticking out beyond your arm are a definite no-no. Suits should fit comfortably around the chest, allowing you to easily button them. You should be able to fit no more than a fist’s worth of space between your tummy and the jacket.
The general rule for sleeve length is that you should be able to curl your fingers around the ends of the sleeves of your suit jacket when your arms are hanging.
Suits are also versatile. Generally, they have one, two or three buttons. Try a three-button suit for a standard look; a two-button for a modern and professional look; and if you are a bit more daring, a one-button suit will fit the bill.
Try on all of the styles to see what you like most, what fits you best and what looks good.
The vents on a jacket are also important and I find that one or two vents are much more stylish than no vents at all. There are also notch lapels and peak lapels; either one works.
Notch lapels tend to be used for business suits, while peak lapels are classy.
Just remember, a tailor can tweak your suit, but only to a certain extent. If a suit does not fit your shoulders, it will do you no justice.
Tailors can take in a couple inches in the pants and they can also correct sleeve lengths and the fit of the suit on your waist.
I’ll hand it to you, suits are difficult to find and even more so for a guy that refuses to enter a clothing store.
Once you find the right one, you’ll know. Never give up looking for a suit that suits you.