Fashion Maven: Time is right for tights

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The weather is slowly starting to warm up, and despite the fact that it’s still winter, I’m getting the burning desire to wear a dress. 

Or a skirt, or capris, or anything that is not ankle-length.

Even in the springtime, the weather is often chilly, and there’s no way I can wait until summer to put on a dress.

Luckily, a new trend is here to save the day. This new fad is centered around tights — patterned tights, specifically, because they make a statement. Designers are creating every kind of pattern imaginable. 

You can buy cheetah print, polka dot or striped tights. Some are ornate lace creations, while others are bold and simple fishnets.

And to top it all off, this new accessory comes in every color imaginable.

You can pair your tights with skirts, dresses or even shorts. Mini-dresses and short shorts are especially fabulous.

Go for a classy look and pair some patterned tights with a single-colored dress and some heels in a neutral color. Or, try a sportier ensemble and couple your tights with shorts and colorful tennis shoes.

For a more casual outfit, put some patterned tights together with a denim jean-fabric dress and throw in some colorful accessories that add a little pop.

Keep in mind that a lot of color in an outfit can look too busy, color in moderation is the way to go.

If, for example, a pair of tights is patterned with little yellow and blue stripes, construct an outfit based off of those two colors. 

Wear a blue skirt and a yellow top. If you add in another color that’s not neutral, the outfit can easily look too elaborate.

Admittedly, tights are not winter wear. They are, however, warmer than wearing a skirt or dress with no tights. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t mind feeling a little chilly in return for sporting this fabulous new trend. 

After all, I don’t have the patience to wait until summer comes.

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