Fashion maven: Start the New Year off right

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By Alexandra Hehlen

I   don’t know about you, but I’m already planning my New Year’s resolutions. An important one is that I will keep helping you improve your sense of style. To start the New Year, I will give you some general fashion tips that will help any outfit look a bit better.
Tip number 1: When it comes to tops, no matter what your shape is, you should not be walking around in something that is not tailored or doesn’t have a waist. Basically, if on the hanger the shirt looks like a big fabric square, it goes in the bin.
Instead, find something that is tailored to accentuate your waist or something that is cinched at the waist. This can easily be accomplished with a belt.
Take a handful of the shirt in the back and pin it with a stylish brooch so it looks more form-fitting, or better yet, buy a shirt that has a built-in “waist accentuater.”
Tip number 2: Jeans and trousers come in all sorts of cuts, but the universal cut that is flattering to virtually any figure is the straight -leg jean.
This jean, from the widest part of your legs, forms a straight line to the ground. They will elongate short people if you keep the length of your top to above your hips. This jean will make tall people look even taller.
If you have chubbier legs, do not wear skinny jeans. It makes thighs look bigger and you look shorter. Instead, you can wear boot-cut jeans, which balance out wider hips at the top, with a flare at the bottom.
Tip number 3: Sleeve length and tightness is very important. If you are worried about your arms, cap sleeves are not a good option.
They can make arms look even larger than they are. Only wear a top with this sort of sleeve if your arms are toned and lean. If you are self-conscious about your arms, don’t be. You can easily wear a shirt that has large, loose or balloony sleeves, which instantly make the arm look skinnier.
Tip number 4: The shape of the neckline is always essential. Scoop-necks are usually a great choice for most people, unless they are top-heavy.
If so, try a V-neck, which will make you look taller and helps elongate your neck. Whatever you do, do not wear a crew neck shirt. It does you no justice whatsoever.
Tip 5: Accessorize. If you’re wearing a V-neck top, you can pair a big chunky necklace with tapered pants and some colorful leather heels. Try a new, colorful bag with a fitted shirt.
Accessories make a statement as long as they are not tacky, so stay away from vibrant plastic jewelry, shoes or bags.
With these tips, you can tweak an outfit so that it goes from frumpy to chic. You may have to buy a few new items, but since they’re essentials, you will be wearing them all the time.
Following these tips shouldn’t just be an investment, but also a New Year’s resolution!