Fashion Maven: Sparkle on prom night

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By Alexandra Hehlen

I’m issuing a wake up call to high school juniors, seniors and even sophomores.
Prom is in a month. Mark your calendars for April 20. You’ve got to get your outfits soon.
If you go shopping last minute, you may find a gown you only like — but don’t love — or perhaps, no gown at all.
The first place I suggest looking is at department stores. They tend to offer a wide variety of styles and colors.
Bear in mind that other students may have bought their dresses in the same department store, which means that someone could end up having the same gown as you.
Popping into a few thrift stores is not a bad idea. If you’re lucky, you may find a unique piece for a low price.
For those of you who are even thriftier, comb sales racks for dresses or borrow a gown from a friend.
Choose a dress color that complements your skin tone and the shade of your accessories.
If, for example, your dress is purple, accessorize with silver shoes and nails.
If you’re more comfortable in flats than heels, wear some bedazzled flat-soled shoes instead.
As for clutches, I personally like a little bag that accessories my outfit in the correct color, has a shoulder strap and can carry my phone and lip gloss.
Typically, prom dresses are floor-length. Yet, I don’t discourage going against the grain, as long as you do so fashionably.
If you decide to buy a short dress, show it off with class.
Wearing a dress in which you can barely bend or tottering in heels so high that you can hardly walk is not flattering.
Such extravagances unnecessarily distract from what should be the true center of attention: you.
I will acknowledge that finding a prom dress is no easy feat.
I already found my perfect dress, but my gown’s a secret I’m keeping until April 20.

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