Fashion maven: Showing off the versatile skirt

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Alexandra Hehlen

I absolutely adore skirts, especially in the summer. They can be colorful, voluminous, comfortable, and they can be worn well with heaps of accessories.
Believe it or not, skirts can actually be just as flattering as a pair of perfect skinny jeans,
The best skirts are ones that end just above, or two inches above the knee and float outward from the hip. T
hese are called short A-line skirts. Usually, since the skirt moves outward from the hip, it has tiny little pleats just underneath the waistband to add a little volume. This type of skirt volume will enhance your legs.
For those of you who are short, the short A-line skirt will elongate your legs, make them look skinnier, and make you look taller. If you are already tall, you will get the same effects, and that’s OK.
I wear this type of skirt all the time and I’m tall. Don’t be afraid to look tall or short; the point of the skirt is to enhance your look.
The short A-line skirt is just long enough to pull up so that the waistband is above your pelvic bone, or at the waist. Pair a cute shirt with it and tuck it into the skirt.
Put a big belt that is two inches wide over the waistband, for the final touch.
The belt color should depend on the colors of both the skirt and shirt. I often like to wear a colorful floral skirt that has a navy color in it, and I tuck a navy blue striped shirt into the skirt. I pair it with a beige belt because the rest of the outfit is already so colorful.
You can mix patterns, but at least one of the following rules should be obeyed: both patterns must have colors in common; both patterns should have a background color of white, black, gray, brown, or another neutral color; the sizes of both the patterns should be different; and only two different patterns should be used.
Using more than two different patterns can be too overwhelming.
A pencil skirt is also great to wear to special occasions, paired with a voluminous top, or even a suit, depending on the situation.
Floor-length skirts or skirts that end and inch or two from the floor are also great. Just make sure that the skirt is not extremely voluminous and hugely patterned.
I like to pull my plain blue full-length skirt up to two inches from my collarbone, pair it with a fun belt, and wear it as a dress!
When it comes to skirts, there are endless possibilities, you can learn even more by just trying out different ways to wear your skirts.