Fashion Maven: Show off your shades

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By Alexandra Hehlen

Huge, out-of-this world, colorful sunglasses are a hit this spring and while they may look great in magazines, I’ll bet many of you are having qualms about actually pulling off this look.
Fashion is about making a statement and making a statement can mean plucking up a lot of courage, but also making sure the trend looks good on you.
Since this trend is focusing on how large sunglasses are, we’ve got to make sure that the color of the shades compliments your skin tone.
Hold the glasses up to your face to see if their color makes you look very pale or pasty. Vibrant, neon colors tend to have this effect more than neutral colors, so if you want more toned-down shades, go for neutral colors. That means black, white, beige or navy.
The “sailor” look is back in this spring and since it consists of white, red and blue colors in one outfit, red or yellow glasses add a wonderful accent and color pop to the look.
As for the shape of the glasses, you’ve got an unlimited choice. Just keep in mind: if the shape doesn’t compliment your face, don’t buy it.
Just because something is “in” doesn’t mean you have to purchase it. The key here is to buy something following the trend that enhances your features. Large, circular or rounded, rectangular shapes can be very flattering.
Of course, aviator-style glasses are also back in style. My personal favorites are ones in gold and dark colors, especially with a gradient tint.
Don’t forget: at high elevations, our eyes are more exposed to UV rays, so always get a UV-rated pair of sunglasses.
Whatever you do, keep an open mind when shopping for a new pair of shades. Don’t be afraid to try on a few pairs and to go out of your comfort zone.