Fashion Maven: Set sail with the new ‘sailor’ look

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Okay, everybody loves the latest fashion trends, especially in the summer. I am a trend freak and am always looking for the next “in” thing.
In the past month, I have cottoned on to one of the best trends to hit the stores yet: the on-the-ship sailor trend.
It is being worn by teens and adults around the world, touching base with brands like Tommy Hilfiger, who has now called it his new “prep look.”
This new sailor look is made up of three basic colors: dark navy blue, red and white. It is accented with beige, white, or black, but only in little doses.
Stripes are the main pattern and they usually are either worn on top as a shirt, or on the bottom as a skirt, pants, or high-waisted shorts.
Boat shoes, or Sperrys, are the best type of shoe to wear with the sailor look, preferably in the main theme colors.
The look is for guys and girls, but we will start with how to put an outfit together for the girls.
Some dresses are already sold with blue, white or red stripes on the top or the bottom, and that’s great.
Just pair it with some boat shoes and a silver anchor necklace and you are good to go.
You can also tuck a baggy white- and red-striped shirt into some navy blue high-waisted shorts, add some beige Sperrys and throw on some blue and white bangles.
For guys, navy blue jeans paired with a blue, red, or white striped shirt will work well with the famous boat shoe in beige and a navy blue striped scarf.
Girls can also add a beige canvas bag and a jacket to the outfit, depending on the occasion and the weather.
I don’t know about you, but I am loving the new sailor trend. Do not be afraid to give it a spin this summer!
If you are still not sure about how to pull it off, just search the internet for inspiration, before this cool trend sails away.

--Alexandra Hehlen