Fashion Maven: Outfits glitter on the red carpet

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By Alexandra Hehlen

On April 20, Los Alamos High School students attended perhaps one of the most popular events of the year — prom.
     Prom night is an opportunity to dance your feet off, sing your heart out and have a fabulous time. I also see it, however, as an evening of glamorous gowns and an exposé of teenagers’ creative ways to wear and accessorize their outfits.
     When students arrived at the Hollywood-themed event, they entered the building on a red carpet complete with paparazzi.
I figured I’d give Los Alamos the scoop on the most popular trends — and my favorite gown of the evening — that strutted down the red carpet.
     Mint green was a popular pick. All the gowns in this shade made an elegant statement with a fresh pop of color.
Red dresses, whether embellished with rhinestones or cut to hug the figure, shimmered among the crowds.
Many students this year broke with tradition and wore short dresses instead of floor-length gowns.
Almost every thigh-length dress I saw was tasteful. Rather than being too short or too tight, these prom dresses flattered figures and were appropriate for the elegant occasion.
Longer dresses, of course, were also beautiful. Ball gowns and sleek dresses alike paraded past the paparazzi with unmatched gracefulness.
The evening’s outfits shone in sparkles. Embellished with jewels or sprinkled with sequins, many dresses fit right in with the glamorous Hollywood setting.
While every dress was unique in its own way, one particular gown stood out to me.
In my opinion, the best-dressed guest of the evening was high school senior Monica Poston. She sewed her own dress from an eclectic fabric resembling a colorful world map, and created a matching shirt for her date.
She accessorized her gown with a belt at the waist and a fabulous pair of heels.
To top it all off, she won the title of Prom Queen 2013.
I joined her, as this year’s prom princess, in a taupe knee-length dress made from lace and drizzled with sequins. I added a pop of red color with lipstick, Mary Jane wedges, a clutch and nail polish.
I enjoyed styling my hair, preparing my outfit and putting on my makeup. However, at this year’s dance there was something that I enjoyed even more than getting ready.
All the guests that I saw looked delighted with outfits they picked out. They didn’t just show up in any old dresses. They took fashion to the next level and wore gowns that let their personality shine, too.


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