Fashion Maven: Master your look for the homecoming dance

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By Alexandra Hehlen

All right all you high school students, you know what time it is. One of the most exciting events of the year is just around the corner. You know, the event that is written in all caps in every agenda; the one that puts a smile on every face. Yes, I’m talking about homecoming.

Just because the prospect of a dance is fantastic, does not mean that getting ready for the event is a piece of cake. I’ve heard way too many stories from girls who could not find the right dress, or from guys who could not decide what to wear. Don’t worry though, because I’m here to ease the stress a bit.

For starters, homecoming is a semi-formal event. That means nice dress pants and a button-down shirt for guys, and a dress that is not floor length for girls. However, if you want to wear a suit or a long dress, be my guest. Even so, everyone has to follow a few more detailed, general guidelines.

The major faux pas I see on behalf of girls is the length of the dresses. Let’s keep butts in the dresses, please. In my opinion, any dress that ends mid-thigh or is knee-high in length, is the most flattering. 

Wearing extremely short dresses is not only unflattering, it is also quite literally a pain in the derriere. I surely would not want to spend all night pulling down my dress in paranoia.
The same goes for boys, but where pants are concerned. 

Nobody wants to see your boxers, and I know that you certainly would not like to be constantly holding your pants up all night. If you have this problem, it’s time to invest in a belt.

Guys and girls should both try to buy a color of outfit that complements their skin tone. Buying clothes that makes you look pasty or very white is not a very flattering option. 

Make sure to pay attention to the shape of the dress, as well. If you are on the heavier side, buy a dress that flares out at the waist rather than one that is body hugging. Straps are a personal preference and you can choose to buy a dress that has none, one, two, or a racer-back cut.

For girls, especially, remember to accessorize. Paint your nails a color that is different from you dress, but that complements it. Add hair accessories and a pair of shoes that matches the style of your dress or your nail color. Apply some eyeliner or sparkles for make-up.

Homecoming is a fabulous event, so you deserve to be fabulously dressed for the dance. If you put together a great outfit, you’ll already have taken care of both standing out and being stylish.

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