Fashion Maven: Make your outfit white hot

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By Alexandra Hehlen

For those of you who read my fashion column every week, you know that I’ve always advocated adding pop to an outfit with a colorful accessory such as a bag, bracelet or necklace.
This fall, the tide has turned.
I adore bright colors and will continue to embellish my outfits with them as long as I live.
Yet this season, trends point toward enhancing an outfit with white accessories.
This can be no easy feat. White is considered a neutral color; it would get lost if used to accessorize an outfit of brown, black or tan shades.
To pull off using the color as an accessory, we must reverse the logic that an outfit should be neutral and the accessories vibrant.
Instead, try wearing bright colored garments and use bright white to add a fashionable, but chic clash.
The colors this season that will perfectly counteract white are cobalt blue, ox blood red, pumpkin orange, black and gray.
Maintaining a balance between these colors can be difficult. I suggest using (at most) two of them in an outfit, not including white.
As an example, think about wearing a feminine white shirt with a cobalt blue blazer. Add a splash of orange with a belt, scarf or even orange buttons on your jacket.
Keep the pants neutral. A dark gray color acts as a canvas for the statement-making blue and orange colors.
As an accessory, add a white bag and watch.
With this particular outfit example, the white in the shirt, purse and watch clashes with the orange and the blue, causing the outfit to look bright, but not overly colorful — and composed.
The contrasting colors create clear divisions in an ensemble that make it look clean-cut, which is an essential aspect of fashion this fall.
Remember not to overuse white by wearing it in both a jacket, shirt and accessory, for example.
This can end up looking washed out.
No matter how contradictory it seems, reducing the amount of white actually increases its visibility in your chic ensemble.
To remain in style this season, don’t forget a touch of bright white.

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