Fashion Maven: Just because it’s comfy, doesn’t mean it should be rumpy

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By Alexandra Hehlen

 I find that sweatpants, baggy sweatshirts and pajama pants worn in public are fashion faux pas. What fascinates me is that the simple phrase “it’s comfortable” is used to justify this sloppy choice of attire.
I understand the wonderful feeling of wearing cozy pajama pants or a warm hoodie when it’s cold.
Yet, with the exception of the elementary school pajama days of my past, I never wear sleepwear in public. And unless you’re on your way to a workout, sweatpants and sportswear should be on the no-no list, too.
Additionally, being comfortable does not imply dressing frumpily. You can feel just as cozy in your jammies as you can in a fashionable outfit that is quick and easy to put together.
I’ve got a few key pieces that can be combined into a variety of cozy and fashionable ensembles.
Leggings are always essential. They come in many different fabrics and colors and are easy to slip on under a comfy sweater dress or skirt. On a chilly day, pull on some thicker leggings to keep you warm.
Jeggings are a cross between jeans and leggings. This pant is just as comfortable as leggings, but often has pockets or denim-looking fabric. Jeggings work well with a cotton top and blazer, but they can also be worn under a dress or skirt, just like leggings.
Make sure to consider the ponte pant, which is the comfortable version of trousers. These pants are great and stylish for a day that involves a lot of sitting in a professional environment. Again, add a blazer, sweater or cardigan to dress the look up or down.
I always find the blazer is a comfortable option. This jacket is structured and allows you enough wiggle room.
If you don’t feel like wearing a blazer for the day, sweaters are also a comfortable option. Frumpy Christmas sweaters or lumpy knits, however, are out of the question.
Wear a sweater that has a shape that accentuates your figure and a color that complements your complexion. If you do decide to wear a large or oversized sweater, belt it or add a scarf.
Even as the weather is warming up, there are still plenty of comfortable clothes you can wear. Long maxi dresses and skirts usually come in luxurious fabrics and there are plenty of shorts and blouses that are more comfortable than your average pajama pants.
The key to being fashionably comfortable is experimentation. Venture out of your comfort zone and look for cozy and stylish pieces that accentuate your best attributes.
Don’t hide in sweatshirts and pajama pants. Remember that you can be comfy without being frumpy.