Fashion maven: An inside scoop on the essentials for the newest trend

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Alexandra Hehlen



For those of you who have taken a peek at what is in style right now, you’ve probably seen my most favorite trend yet.

The classic, neutrally colorful, grunge-type, preppy, boyish-yet-feminine, old-meets-new look is huge. I have only begun to delve into the various possibilities of this trend to give you its essential pieces.

This look consists of mostly neutral colors that are put together into an eclectic mix. Shades of grey, brown, beige, camel, some black and some white are the main colors; while red, orange, or navy blue acts as an accent. Patterns, such as stripes and plaid, are common and can even be combined. 

High-waisted shorts, skirts and pants are the main staple of this look. Pairing them with loose, patterned, neutral colored shirts that can be tucked in and wearing a pea coat will look wonderful. 

Since winter is approaching quickly, wearing skirts and shorts probably sounds like a crazy idea, but it can be done. I like to wear leggings underneath the shorts or skirts to stay warm, or if you’d rather, opt for long pants instead. 

Sweaters made of tweed-looking fabric and varsity jackets are stylish and nice, while plaid button-down shirts tailored for women are also great and can add a splash of color while creating the “boyfriend shirt” look.

When it comes to shoes, woman-style loafers in a neutral or accent shade are great, as are any types of ankle boots. UGG boots are always stylish, warm and go with anything when they are a neutral shade. Lace-up flats are particularly stylish and add the old-meets-new look to the outfit. 

Lace-up boots with a flat heel or granny boots are also a fabulous option, as they rock the grunge look when paired with a button-down shirt in plaid.

This new look has endless possibilities, so start out with these tips, then work your way up. Experiment with different textures like ruffles, lace, tweed, chiffon and fleece.

Creating this look can be difficult, but once you have the hang of it, you can really look uniquely fabulous and soon enough you’ll be turning heads.