Fashion Maven: Hair gone wild: How to manage a bad hair day

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By Alexandra Hehlen

Hair has an extreme effect on the way you look, so naturally I like to make my hair look good on a daily basis.
Ok, maybe not everyday, because everyone has bad hair days, right? But when I do have a bad hair day, I find that the phrase, “learn from your mistakes,” is true.
In fact, I have accumulated a few hair-styling dos and don’ts that you may want to know about.
You should always wash your hair before styling it, so let’s go over a few helpful suggestions before you start styling. Washing your hair every other day is ideal.
Washing it every day is not as beneficial as most think because it actually makes the hair slowly lose color and dry out. For those of you with hair that can get greasy easily, wash it every other day, but use a dry shampoo on the day that you don’t wash your hair.
Remember not to go overboard when it comes to conditioner. Using too much hydrating conditioner or using an intense conditioner overnight can actually soften the hair shaft, which can damage your hair.
The most atrocious thing you can do to your hair after you have washed it is to try and straighten your hair while it’s wet. This is extremely damaging because it can cause the water inside your hair shaft to boil, which makes the hair weak. If steam comes off of your hair when you are straightening or curling it, make sure to blow dry it a little more so it is completely dry. And don’t forget to use heat-protecting spray before you curl or straighten.
When it comes to curling my hair, I use a lot of methods, but I have found that when using a curling iron or curlers, the key to success is to make sure to change the direction that your are rolling the curls into.
Doing this will make the curls look natural. If you want to create ringlets or very tight curls, just wrap one to two inches of hair around the curling iron or curlers. If you go any smaller, you will get an afro. Trust me on this one; I have done this one too many times!
If all else fails and I’m having a bad hair day, I either put my hair in a bun or a side braid. This works almost every time, especially in the braid form.
You can learn from your mistakes. Your hair could look much worse if you do constant damage to the hair shaft; you can certainly make someone else feel better about their hair; and most importantly, you can make everybody laugh.

Hehlen is a sophomore at Los Alamos High School.