Fashion Maven: Give your summer sandals the boot

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By Alexandra Hehlen

Fall has finally arrived, but so has the cold weather. Everyone is starting to make the transition from summer sandals to warmer footwear.
I know some of you would love to shuffle around in fuzzy slippers all day, but you should be doing better than that.
Let’s make a fashion statement and replace the sandals or the slippers with a fall essential; the boot.
There is a boot for every kind of person: ankle boots, tall boots, heeled, flat, those that are made of leather, man made materials, or even sheepskin, you name it.
For a sophisticated look, I would opt for a dark red, dark brown or black boot with a heel.
I recommend picking a heel height that is slightly out of your comfort zone to master as you practice walking in your boot. You can also pick a heel you are more comfortable with, if you prefer.
Even though leather boots are usually more expensive than those made of synthetic materials, they are an investment because they last longer and allow your feet to breathe.
Make sure to treat your leather boots with the appropriate shoe polish right after you buy them to protect them from water damage and getting stained.
The height of boots is really your choice. Both ankle and taller boots work well with leggings and a warm dress, or with jeans.
For a more casual outfit, sheepskin boots like UGGs provide fashion, comfort and warmth.
Boots like UGGs come in different colors, heights and styles, and can even be sequined.
Another casual boot is the mid-calf variety, which can be laced up. I find that this type of shoe is best paired with skinny jeans, a flowered dress or a skirt.
To add pop to an outfit, purchase a pair of boots that are not a neutral color. I’m thinking cobalt blue, cherry red or pumpkin orange for the fall and winter seasons.
Items and accessories in your outfit can match your boots, but as a general rule, make sure not to have more than three different colors in your overall outfit.
This usually eliminates the problem of having colors in your ensemble compete, clash or overpower each other.
If you are interested in making your boots noticeable, but not with that much color, opt for tan or camel-colored shoes.
These tend to stand out more than dark brown or black boots with an outfit that includes darker pieces of clothing or jeans.
Believe it or not, there are even ways to accessorize or modify your boots. I often like to wear leg warmers over mine, letting only the front of the shoe peep out.
Experiment with folding over the tops of longer boots to make them shorter; this can often make a pronounced change to an outfit.
Booting out summer footwear is anything but awful.
With boots, you can give your outfit the fashionable, warm and comfortable boost it needs, without wearing slippers.