Fashion Maven: Getting a handle on the heel can be tricky

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I love high heels. They can be so feminine and can really make an outfit pop. I have worn heels for a while now, and with the years comes practice, that’s the reason I can wear a five-inch heel without toppling over at the first step. Believe it or not, walking in heels is not as hard as it seems, as long as you practice.
I started out with a little two-inch heel, but for those of you that are still feeling uneasy, you might want to try out a one-inch heel to begin with. Also, a general rule of thumb is to start out with a rubber soled, thick-heeled shoe to make walking a lot easier. When you buy the heels, make sure that they fit without your foot slipping out the back, otherwise it might be a rather painful experience to walk in them. If they do slip, stick a gel pad  into the back of your shoe, behind your heel. The gel pads can be found at just about any grocery or drug store.
Now, take the high heels for a test drive. Try walking around on a carpeted or soft floor, but preferably in the comfort of your own home because you do not want to take the risk of publicly embarrassing yourself. Believe me, some people can look rather silly when walking in heels for the first time.
When you feel comfortable enough, try walking on the hard floor. All of a sudden you may notice that it literally may be a bit harder in terms of both the floor, and the impact on the bottom of your foot.
No matter what height of heel you choose to walk in, the ball of your foot may hurt after a few hours. I like to solve this problem by buying a gel pad designed to stick in the front of your shoes, for a softer, more comfortable feel.
Every high-heeled shoe does come at a price though, especially the ones that have a very high heel. You can really hurt your feet and damage your posture if you wear them a lot, so limit wearing them to special events for only a few hours, and certainly not every day.
For those of you looking to become taller, wearing very high heels every day is not the answer. You can go with platforms instead. They have a smaller heel height, but look like they are taller.
Now that you know all the tricks to walking in heels, all you really need to do is to start taking a few steps. Remember, if you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again, because practice makes perfect!