Fashion Maven: Get to know the latest trend

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By Alexandra Hehlen

Knowing what the latest fall garment is might come as a surprise, but it will be a staple of your wardrobe. Let me give you some hints: It’s warm, it’s roomy, it’s comfortable — that’s right, it’s the cape.
No, I don’t mean Superman capes that drag on the floor. I mean velvet, felt or knitted capes that come to the hip or mid-thigh. They close in the front, often with large buttons and many are styled after trench coats, but they do not have sleeves. Instead, they have armholes, slits on the sides or no armholes at all.
Capes can be worn over bulky sweaters, unlike many coats, and they can be very warm. Some capes have zipper closures, colorful piping, wild patterns or are neutral and can go with any outfit. Capes can range from modern, crisp lapels to draped vintage styles.
They have been around since medieval times, when they were very popular.
Nowadays, capes have been popping in and out of fashion, becoming more modern with every new trend. They are generally high-end haute couture pieces, but in their recent appearance in fashion, I have spotted them at local arts and crafts fairs.
Height is essential when wearing a cape. If you are tall, pair the cape with skinny or flared jeans. If you are short, tapered pants are the best option. Unless you are tall,  do not wear flare jeans with a cape, otherwise you might look like a bat!  Of course, ankle boots are a great fall and winter shoe that will compliment a cape nicely. Scarves and hats can be added as well.
Capes are essential for the upcoming winter months, so be a superhero and save your wardrobe with a new cape!