Fashion maven: Finding the simply suitable swimsuit

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Hurray! Summer is almost here and I am dying to go to the pool. The only thing is that I do not have a fabulous swimsuit. No problem, I will just go to the store and pick out my favorite pattern and be done with it. No, no, no. That is definitely not the way to go.
I don’t think anybody I have talked to has ever adored swimsuit shopping. For girls, especially, it is a huge pain. Trying to shop for a bathing suit in a store can be difficult. The lighting in fitting rooms is usually far too bright and not beach or pool-like at all, which makes your skin look much paler than it really is.
The tip for buying swimsuits in stores is to buy a swimsuit after the summer has started, when your skin will look more tanned than in the spring. This will give you a better idea of what the suit will really look like on you in the summer, not just in the dreary dressing room.
For you shoppers who ask if there will ever be an alternative to trying on bathing suits in a store, I will be glad to tell you that, yes, there is. This more favorable option is swimsuit shopping in the comfort of your own home.
Go online or order a swimsuit or two that you like, just remember to check the return policy because some stores can be very picky with it. Once they arrive, try them on in a sunlit area so that you see how the suit will look on your skin at the pool or the beach. Make sure that the suit literally holds you together, because if it does not, you might have to reconsider the purchase.
Bathing suits should be tight fitting, especially in the bottoms. Naturally, they should not be tight to the point of discomfort, but usually the suit will stretch and fade a bit with time. When it comes to choosing what type of suit, you can choose from a full suit, a tankini or a bikini, depending on how much skin you are comfortable showing.
The next thing, which I like to call “swimsuit efficiency,” is one of my most favorite tactics when it comes to actually wearing the suit to the pool or beach. Whether you already have a suit and are buying another one, or you are buying two suits at the same time, make sure that they have the same color scheme or coordinating patterns because then you can mix and match. You can pair the top of one with the bottom of another, or vice versa.  
Personally, I do not like the effort-filled ordeal of swimsuit shopping, but once I have found a gorgeous suit, it feels like the whole experience was totally worth it.

--Alexandra Hehlen