Fashion Maven: Fashion sizzles on the red carpet

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By Alexandra Hehlen

Last Sunday witnessed an apex in fashion this year, the Oscars.
The dresses and suits on the red carpet served as an accumulation of the latest in style, but also as indicators of upcoming trends.
Fashion fanatics — around the world — myself included — had their eyes glued to their television screens to pick up on all the chic details, which will soon become the trends of tomorrow.
Slim fitted gowns, dresses with bubble skirts and bodices with peplum waists paraded past the paparazzi.
Ruffles, lace, stripes, sequins, sparkles and rhinestones were in no short supply. A few of these elements used in combination made for some fabulous frocks.
Beads sparkled under the Hollywood lights, as they speckled silk or completely covered gowns in draped, chandelier-like strands.
Intricate patterns and golden decorations, that might as well have been ceiling paintings from the Baroque era, made bold statements well-suited to the actresses’ confident personalities.
Wedding-cake-like elements embellished some dresses with gentle elegance or classy pomp.
Sweetheart and boat necklines were popular picks; my favorite dresses actually combined the two styles. Dresses with sweetheart cuts were sheathed up to the neck with sheer fabric or lace encrusted with sequins and sparkles for a comeback of classy Audrey Hepburn-esque flair.
Some stars used their accessorizing abilities creatively and donned their necklaces backwards so that strands of beads glittered down their backs.
Anne Hathaway appeared to wear a simple baby pink sheath dress, but when she turned around, viewers got an eyeful of a beautiful bow tie and a necklace that sparkled on her shoulder blades. “Business in the front, party in the back,” she said concerning the dress.
I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing these red-carpet trends in magazines, on blogs and even on the streets.
As a fan of many of these extravagant new fads, I’m using them as inspiration in my own outfits.
Additionally, prom is not too far down the road, and if we can take one thing away from Oscar night other than the latest trends, it’s a valuable nugget of wisdom. You must wear your dress, don’t let the dress wear you.
No matter how many sequins are sewn onto your gown, always make sure that your personality sparkles the brightest.

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