Fashion Maven: Dressing for the season switch

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By Alexandra Hehlen

It’s seasons like these when I occasionally find it difficult to pick an outfit according to the weather. Summer is nearing its last days and fall is just about to start, so how exactly should one dress?
In the morning, the temperature is too low to wear a summery dress or skirt, and come afternoon, it’s much too warm for the jacket that kept me toasty in the morning.
The best way to beat the heat and hold the cold is all found in layering, mixing-and-matching.
For those of you who love dresses and skirts, pull on some leggings, which can usually be rolled up to mid-calf if the day becomes too warm for comfort.
They come in a wide variety of wonderful colors and prints and offer a happy medium between freezing and overheating.
As for tops, I highly recommend a short-sleeve or three-quarter sleeve top with a unique, colorful print. You can wear a blazer in the shade of one of the colors of your shirt over it. This look can be dressed up or down with some great accessories — and if temperatures increase — you can always take the blazer off.
Shoes seem to be a tricky subject this season. I am a devout fashionista that is willing to freeze her toes off every morning just to wear sandals to school, even in the dead of winter, but I can imagine that many of you would rather not do that.
For those who prefer warm feet, wear ankle boots with a small heel. A black pair can make an outfit look chic, or a studded, sparkly pair can add instant glamour to a plain outfit.
If you are wearing tights, you could also opt for a pair of ballerina flats, which are comfortable to walk in and come in such a variety that you can find one pair to wear with a multitude of outfits you already own.
One of my favorite accessories for fall and winter is the scarf. A colorful scarf is a must-have because it can be worn with many neutral colors like black, brown, beige, white and navy.
What’s more, you can take off your scarf when it gets too warm and tie it around the handle of your bag for decoration. Bright accessories can instantly spruce up an outfit and your mood on one of those dreary, cold days.
The key to mastering your fashion sense for this time of year is being able to experiment.
Don’t be afraid to create new outfits from the clothes you already have, to wear some vibrant and versatile accessories and most of all, to outsmart the weather, all in the name of fashion.

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